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Workout Headphones of 2020

A mandatory accessory that everyone these days has is headphones or earphones as some may call them. Well, music is the need of the hour and what better than a device that stays put and sounds great. Headphones give people that extra push and help them in blocking out the distracting noise in the background. There are a variety of earphones present in the market today according to needs and requirements.
The Verge, reportedly spoke to numerous athletes to find out the A-listed headphones of 2020.
8 out of 21 athletes said that they use Apple Air Pods when they work out. The main reason for their popularity is the fact that they are small, handy and wireless, they don’t get in the way of the athletes’ movements. They are also easy to handle and don’t consume much time. If one wants to listen to a specific song, they could just double-tap the earphone and switch their songs.
Players on the National Lacrosse team wear AirPods as they do not fall out during their workouts.
After the esteemed AirPods, the best noise-cancelling headphones are The Bose Soundsport. Although AirPods are the most popular choice, it does not mean that they are the number one choice for all athletes. Many athletes prefer the Bose wireless earphones, as they stay in the ear and are better than any other earphone when the audio quality is compared.
These Bose earphones are noise cancelling and have a grip like no other. The sound quality is phenomenal and the mic is excellent for answering business calls.