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6 Online Casino Games That Are Perfect for Newbies

Online casinos are everywhere.
In just over a year, online gambling rose into fame as more people were forced to stay home and seek entertainment online. But even before the pandemic, we’ve seen a startling increase in the popularity of online casino games. From an estimated $26 billion in 2019, the industry is expected to reach $100 million by 2026.
If you’re looking to find your luck from playing online casino games but you’re not sure where and how to start, this list is for you.

Best Online Casino Games for Newbies

Slot Machines

You’ve probably played one before.
Slot machines are among the most played online casino games online and it isn’t surprising why. The simple, “pure luck” nature of this game makes it ideal for people of all ages and experience levels.
All you have to do is click “spin” and wish for the winning combination. Nearly all websites that offer casino games feature slot machines. You’ll find numerous online slot games with unique themes and amazing graphics.


If you want a more challenging but incredibly fun game, you should try Blackjack.
This traditional casino game has found its way online.
Unlike slots, winning in Blackjack isn’t based on pure luck. You have to strategize too. And that’s what makes it more fun.
Many online casinos offer free classes so don’t forget to take advantage of those. This way, you minimize the risk of losing your bets.


While the roulette table may seem confusing at the first glance, it’s an incredibly easy game and perfect for beginners.
The secret to winning? Learn how to bet properly.
Instead of giving it all out, lie low on your bets. Slowing the game lets you spend more time having fun at an online casino and lose more slowly.
Start with 50/50 bets. You can try proven roulette strategies and techniques until you devise your own.


Highly popular in Las Vegas casinos – craps is one of the most interesting games that can also be played online.
While it can be a complex game, playing craps is as simple as rolling the dice. You can grab the dice and roll it down (fingers crossed for the winning combo). Casinos will have different rules for this game so make sure you check them out first.


This popular table game is appealing to beginners not only because it’s easy to play but also because it gives them more chances of winning.
Just like the other beginner-friendly casino games, many gambling sites let you play Baccarat for free so you can get familiar with the game without losing money. You can also get a full casino experience by playing with live dealers.

Let It Ride

Poker is a simple game to learn. However, poker rules can be intimidating for a complete beginner. Luckily, there are games of similar nature that are simpler to play and incredibly fun.
One is the “Let it Ride”.
This beginner-friendly variation of traditional Poker is easier to work out for more chances of winning. Plus, you can play it with a live dealer too in some casinos. This game will surely make you feel like you’re a veteran poker player.

A Few Tips Before You Start Betting

Before getting your hand on any casino game, you want to make sure you’re on the website that’s best for you.
Some online cas-inos are catered to pro gamblers while others offer games solely for beginners. Other times, it can be a combination of both. If you prefer a single game, look for a website that specializes in that particular cas-ino game.
Note that most online casinos will ask you for a deposit. So, the next step is to choose the method to fund your player’s account.
Many reputable websites offer bonuses to new players. This is a great way to start playing without shelling out extra cash at first.
Lastly, it may take a bit of time but it pays to research before you sign up with any online casino. Always check reviews and player testimonials. They are a great indicator of how suitable an online cas-ino is for beginners like you.
Good luck and have fun!