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5 Pandemic Survival Lessons Startups Can Rely On

The pandemic has been tough on businesses, even more on startups. But it shouldn’t stop you from realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Just taking the right approach can set up your new venture for success.
Right now, pandemic survival should be your biggest concern because you will surely have lots of opportunities to grow in the future. Everything boils down to sustaining through this challenging phase. As a new entrepreneur, it might seem like a humongous task. But you can follow these pandemic survival lessons to build a strong startup with immense growth potential.

Respond to evolving needs of the customers

Flexibility is the winning point for startups, but it has become even more significant amid the pandemic. Customer needs are evolving, and keeping pace is the key to retaining them for the long haul.
For example, retail businesses can keep the cash flowing by sticking with the e-commerce model. Keep track of customer expectations and stay a step ahead by realigning your products and services accordingly.

Keep the employees engaged

Keeping customers happy is vital, but you cannot ignore your employees’ needs. They are the biggest asset for any startup because they serve as the foundation of the business. At this stage, you need to focus on communication and safety to keep the team engaged. Building a positive culture is equally important, even more, because you will have to run on a remote model for the foreseeable future.

Focus on staying financially afloat

Money is the biggest concern for any new business, and the pandemic makes it a tad more important. You must know how to bootstrap your startup to begin on a good note. Bootstrapping is about sustaining without external funds. It gives you better control and keeps your company safe from unnecessary interest burdens.
Staying lean is equally crucial to maintain your financial health. Even if you need funding, ensure you find the most economical alternatives and have repayment plans to avoid debt burden.


Stagnation is a killer for businesses, and startups cannot afford to stagnate. During a crisis like this, economic conditions are unstable. The best way to deal with them is by diversifying. Look for alternative streams of revenue when your core offering doesn’t seem to be enough for survival. Explore new markets and develop existing ones. Diversification keeps your business stable today and brings new growth opportunities for the future.

Think long-term

The pandemic is very different from a regular economic downturn as it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the situation is constantly evolving, so you need to act with agility and think long-term. Prioritize your mission and goals while keeping short-term survival in mind. It will help you with both perspectives. Most importantly, be hopeful because no crisis lasts forever.
A crisis often brings a new opportunity, provided you take the relevant perspective. Even startups can leverage the situation to their advantage. Curbing expenses, diversifying your customer base, and developing long-term projects can be the secrets to survival today and growth in the future.

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