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Are Disposable Vapes Worth the Money?

Vaping has become a popular hobby, especially among teenagers and young adults. An estimated 41 million people worldwide were disposable vapes users as of 2018, which has grown from only seven million people in 2011. Part of the reason for the large increase in popularity is due to the variety in what you can vape. Originally, people would just vape marijuana, with nicotine e-juice later becoming an option. Now, you can also vape CBD oil.

This rise in popularity has also led to there being a more diverse selection of the kinds of vape devices you can buy. Some are larger, and some have more features. Others are smaller, more discreet, less powerful, but less expensive. More recently, a new kind of vape has hit the markets: disposable vapes, such as Juice Head Bars.  They’re small, simple, and are meant to be used until the CBD oil or vape juice runs out before disposing of the device.

It’s meant for people who only vape occasionally, and don’t care as much about the complexity or sophistication of the device. It can also reduce the cost of vaping. Let’s take a look at whether or not disposable vapes are more affordable than regular devices:

How Much Do Disposable Vapes Cost?

Most individual disposable vapes are very affordable since they are one-use only. The cost can range between $10 and $20, usually with around 10 mL of CBD oil or e-juice. They aren’t very advanced and don’t come with premium features.

How Much Do Regular Vapes Cost?

The cost of a vape depends on the type of device you get. Smaller, simpler vape pens are more affordable, with the good ones being around $35. Larger, more sophisticated devices range in cost, with $60 being on the low end. Some high-end options can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Depending on how frequently you use a vape, you may think the extra costs can add up, but that isn’t strictly true.

Figuring Out Your Cost

With reusable vapes, you still need to replace things like the heating coil and batteries. Coils can cost around five dollars to replace on average, and typically last around one week. Then there are the batteries that depend on if you have a rechargeable device or one that uses replacement batteries which are more expensive.

There’s also the cost of replacing the juice you use to vape. With disposable vapes, that cost is included. With reusable devices, the typical cost for 10 mL of vape juice is around $10, or half the cost of a reusable device. Having a reusable device saves you about $10 every time you run out of juice. Then the cost to replace coils or batteries and other parts will take a cut of that.

There are other ways to save money. You can buy larger bottles of CBD oil and e-juice to save money, but you can also get VapeRanger Bulk Disposable Vapes as well.

To decipher whether you’re saving money, take that cost, then calculate how frequently you use it to know how much in one month you would spend on new coils, juice, and more. Then make the same calculation for how many disposable devices you would use, and how much that would cost. In the end, you will have your two numbers to know which is the more affordable option.

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