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ZorroSign: The Pioneer of Electronic Signature Technology

The electronic signature was a digital breakthrough that came in the ‘90s by one of the original co-founders of ZorroSign. Many government agencies and companies, including the DMV, USPS, UPS, and Federated Department Stores benefited from this revolutionary technology.
In 2015, ZorroSign, Inc. was born. It uses a combination of 3rd and 4th generation of electronic signature technology as one of the key components of its unified platform. It is a complete advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution. Furthermore, it uses permission-based private distributed ledger to secure electronically signed documents against tamper and fraud.
The idea is to provide a highly secure, flexible, seamless, and robust enterprise-grade solution to support end-to-end flow of document signature ceremonies for any situation, any industry, any department, and for signatories located anywhere and using any device.
When a Serial Entrepreneur Took Charge
Shamsh Hadi is the Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign.
Shamsh is a serial entrepreneur with a deep-rooted love for technology. He has worked, invested in, and started numerous companies in financial services, hospitality, healthcare and education.
Before co-founding ZorroSign, he served as Managing Director at Arabian Dreams Deluxe Hotel Apartments, Brown Orange Solutions LLC, Sitara Investment FZC, and enTrust & Title. He also worked at Swift Development Limited as a COO.
Minimize or Eliminate Shelf-Ware time
ZorroSign’s most unique offering is the 4n6 (Forensics) Token. By using a private blockchain, it captures document DNA and the audit trail as it passes through different levels of approvals.
When the need arises, ZorroSign helps ensure that the document (signed using ZorroSign), is the latest official one. It can also verify that the document was not tampered with, revised, rejected, revoked or the signature forged post-execution. ZorroSign, through its life-time document escrow, can offer all parties the assurance that the document will never expire, without any added cost to the customer.
ZorroSign offers multiple deployment configurations to meet the needs of its global customers across many industries. It is primarily available as a secure public Cloud SaaS application, also as a fully managed private Cloud POD, and as an on-premise model. ZorroSign customers can also use its REST API to integrate ZorroSign into their current application infrastructure and business processes.
ZorroSign offers a KickStart service which is designed to get its new customers up and running within hours of signing up. ZorroSign’s goal is to minimize or eliminate shelf-ware time that traditionally has plagued the enterprise application industry because software implementations take too long and cost too much money.
Providing Peace of Mind with World Class Security
According to ZorroSign, the biggest benefit its customers gain is the peace of mind knowing that their electronically signed documents are secure against tampering and fraud, are legally binding, never expire, don’t require third party digital certificates (which cost extra and expire every year or two), and that they can be validated and authenticated when needed.
Another major benefit is the ability to digitally transform manual and partially digital business processes that involve document signatures. Lastly, eliminating paper out of the equation significantly reduces time and cost of doing business.
These benefits are enjoyed by ZorroSign’s customers in the legal, education, government, financial services, healthcare, non-profit, and high-tech industries.
When a Different Organization Decided to Enter the Market
It goes back to the vision for ZorroSign. The co-founders did not see a solution in the market that addressed the real problem document digitization had created. They felt that not having a way to secure digital documents would be detriment to overall digital transformation movement.
What was needed was a highly advanced and cutting edge technical solution that captures the documents audit trail which can be upheld in court of law – while being socially responsible and giving back to the environment. It had been over 10 years since the eSign Act was passed and yet eSignatures were not mainstream. There was a very small percentage reduction in use of paper, and there was no significant digital transformation taking place.
Today, electronic signatures are very common. Anyone can take a picture of their signature and superimpose it on a document. They can also alter the entire document and signature using free software like Adobe Reader or Mac Preview after it has been signed. ZorroSign’s patented real encrypted eSignature is embedded in the document just like a pen makes a mark on physical paper.
ZorroSign’s patent-pending proprietary Document 4n6 (Forensics) technology protects its customers by highlighting whether their paper and digital versions of ZorroSign’ed documents have been forged, tampered with, cancelled, expired, or rejected. The private blockchain also provides a full HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant audit trail, biometrics information, and digital attachments.
Fundamentally, ZorroSign puts security and privacy at the forefront of every design and policy decision it makes.
Tackling Turbulent Present and Preparing for a Better Future
As a privately held and funded company, ZorroSign faced the initial hurdle of entering a market dominated by a couple of household names customers were already familiar with, and accustomed to the way those solutions worked.
Secondly, educating the market that their eSignature may not real, that their documents could expire without a current digital certificate and they would not necessarily hold up in court was a very expensive and time-consuming task.
However, once customers realized that there was a better and more secure solution available at a significantly lower price point, it became one of the fastest growing advanced DTM solutions in the market.
There is tremendous opportunity to solidify ZorroSign’s leadership in the areas of Blockchain, mobile, AI and ML. The organization will also continue to solve the most complex and difficult problems related to the security of digital transactions and electronic signatures used around the world.
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