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Andrew Rudd | Founder, Chairman & CEO | Advisor Software, Inc - Insights Success

Advisor Software, Inc.: Empowering Advisors and Wealth Management Companies

In today’s digital world, simple things like making a dinner reservation or hailing a cab can be done with the click of a button. Even complicated and complex […]

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Daniel Doderlein | Founder | Auka - Insights Success
Auka: Transforming Retail Banking with Mobile Payment Products

Digitized payment methods are gaining worldwide attention for all the right reasons. They enable users to pay bills, purchase products and services, and check their account balances online, no matter where […]

Eric Mouilleron | Founder & CEO | Banlable - Insights Success
Bankable: An innovative Banking as a service provider

The global market place, insurance companies, FinTechs, and national and international banks need a reliable, secure and agile transactional platform that can eliminate payment inefficiencies. One of the key players of this […]

Phil Reynolds | CEO | BriteCore - Insights Success
BriteCore: Stable, Extensible, and Evolving Insurance Technology

BriteCore is a fully managed, cloud-based insurance software system that combines core, data, and digital solutions into a single, comprehensive suite. Founded by two cousins, Phil Reynolds (CEO) and Chris Reynolds […]

Jochem Davids | CEO | InsureApp - Insights Success
InsureApp: A Revolutionary Lifestyle-based Insurance Platform

The insurance industry is a major component of the economy by virtue of the amount of premiums it collects, the scale of its investment and, more fundamentally, the essential social […]

Dave Van Niekerk | Executive Chairman & Founding Member | My Bucks - Insights Success
MyBucks: Providing Financial Services through Technology

MyBucks is a Frankfurt-listed financial technology (fintech) company, embracing technology as a means to provide financial products and services in predominantly high-growth emerging markets. Through its brands, Haraka, GetBucks, GetBanked, GetSure, Oportunity Bank […]

Gautam Thakkar | CEO | Se2 - Insights Success
SE2: Born Out Of Insurance, Powered By Leading-Edge Technologies

Financial technology, a sector focused on developing new technologies to disrupt traditional financial markets, is growing rapidly. A number of fintech firms have transitioned from being a start-up to being valued […]

Bob Brown | CEO & CO-Founder | Richard Brown | Director & Co-founder | VIPR - Insights Success
VIPR: Pioneers of Sophisticated Software Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Nearly ten years ago, two brothers, Bob and Richard Brown set out to create the most sophisticated and innovative software solutions for the insurance industry. The result was VIPR. The […]

Carol Fitzgerald | President & CEO | BuzzBack - Insights Success
A Stands for Insights

The market research landscape is in disruption – how we capture consumer insights is changing drastically from how it was done years ago. Agile is the new mantra […]

Ritesh Shrivastava | Founder and CEO | Epictenet - Insights Success
Are we at the end of our ‘Search & Find’ Habit?

Hello Joey, can you turn on the lights please!  Many things we got to see only in Hollywood movies are now becoming reality in our day […]

Tames Rietdijk | CEO | Business Forensics - Insights Success
Being Confident about Your Future when Your Organization is Designed for Control

Due to several incidents within the financial sector related to their integrity, people and society in general have lost their trust in banks and insurance firms. Most of […]

Parjit Nanu | CEO & Co founder | Ibstarem - Insights Success
Emerging Technologies that will Drive Financial Sector

An important thing about successful entrepreneurship is an ability to foresee the future and respond – quickly and intelligently – to the rapidly changing external environment. A number of companies […]

Ceid Husban | Founder & CEO | POSRocket - Insights Success
Entrepreneurs, Brace yourselves for the Future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here We first started using steam and water to boost production. We then moved on to using electricity, oil and […]

Diedrick van Thiel | CEO & Co-Founde - AdviceRobo- Insights Success
Fintech and the Changing Market

The fintech landscape is quickly becoming larger and more competitive. Fintech is here to stay. In my view, fintech companies are generally more flexible, have low costs and […]

Francisco Mariscal | Co-Founder & CEO | Fellow Funders - Insights Success
Fintech: The Next Big Thing

We are at a time in which technology advances at an incredible pace, unlike other generations, today’s society is accompanying technology, allowing it to develop […]

Dan Schleifer | Co-Founder | ChartIQ - Insights Success
Redefining the Institutional Desktop within Capital Markets

Entire organizations are driven on technology that no longer meets the expectations of end users. Particularly in the financial space. Financial institutions have notoriously struggled to keep pace […]

Tara Kelly | Founder and CEO | SPLICE Software - Insights Success
Using Big Data and AI to Communicate When Seconds Count

Organizations like property and casualty insurance companies, utilities and other businesses that help people recover from natural disasters are gearing up for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins […]

Shamsh Hadi | CEO and Co Founder | ZorroSign - Insights Success
ZorroSign: The Pioneer of Electronic Signature Technology

The electronic signature was a digital breakthrough that came in the ‘90s by one of the original co-founders of ZorroSign. Many government agencies and companies, […]