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Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important?

Are you the owner, director, or manager of a small business in the United States? If so, you might be interested to know that corporate social responsibility is as important as it gets to attract and retain costumers and for the lifeblood of your company. Today’s consumers want to know that businesses they deal with feel a sense of responsibility for the world around them and are doing all they can to make it a better place to live, work, and play. However, this is just the foundation of why corporate social responsibility is so important. This is the part where emotions come into play. Still, there are tangible reasons why corporate social responsibility is more important now than at any point ever before in human history. Let’s explore a few of those reasons now.
A New Generation of Consumers
It doesn’t matter what size company you own or operate because the tenets of a Good Manufacturing Practices program, GMP program, are always the same. Not only should a manufacturer place a huge emphasis on sustainable materials and energy sources, but the quality of production is just as important. Bear in mind that with the coming of age of the millennial generation, the focus of dealing with brands did a total about-face.
Previously, boomers sought value for their money. They sought deals and discounts. It makes perfect sense in that Boomers were raised by the survivors of the Great Depression. There was an underlying fear permeating an entire generation because mom, dad, and grandparents lived in poverty until years after WWII. It was only post-war production that even began to touch the surface of that fear.
An End to Pillaging Earth’s Natural Resources and Global Warming
Millennials, on the other hand, as socially conscious consumers, are looking to build relationships with responsible companies that focus on environmental issues and ethical practices. This generation wants to know that brands they deal with see the future as important to their children and grandchildren. Millennials want to know that brands have a sense of responsibility in caring for and preserving mother earth.
 The Buck Doesn’t Stop There
Fortunately, there is a generation of consumers who are ready to take a stand for what they believe in, such as environmental issues, ethical labor practices, to name a few. There is a demand for corporate social responsibility on several levels. Not only do millennials and now Gen X demand corporate responsibility to save this planet we all inhabit, but they want transparency rather than advertising gimmicks. Today’s consumers want to know that manufacturing has established a Good Manufacturing Practices program and oversight to ensure those practices are being observed.
This oversight comes in the form of certification, which is not only recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but is also in the manufacturing world as well. Any size business can schedule a GMP inspection, and the resulting certification will authenticate that company’s willingness and ability to work toward a safer and healthier tomorrow. That’s the side of the manufacturing function today’s consumers demand and something anyone with an eye on the future should want as well.

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