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Why Good Web Design is a Must for a Successful Business

If you are a modern business owner, the chances are high that you already have a website, or are planning to set up one to effectively promote your products and services. While having a website is a step in the right direction, creating one by a professional web design company from Vancouver can help you to achieve your goals much quicker.

Here, we explain five reasons why a good web design is a must-have if you’re looking to run a successful online business.
Set the all-important first impression
The one thing your online buyers see when they visit your business is your web design. Needless to say, your choice of site is what they use to judge you and also determine whether they want to do business with you or not. It is during these first few seconds that you want to impress and make them like your business .
If your website looks outdated or disorganized, your audience is likely to have a negative impression of your business. In fact, you may end up losing most of your probable customers before they can even peruse and understand the content on your site.
Strive to always create a good perception of your brand in the eyes and minds of your visitors by using appropriate designs that are sure to appeal to them. Put otherwise, leverage the power of Ruby on Rails web development company to retain and convert your leads into customers.
Enhance your search engine optimization results
Do you plan to run an SEO campaign for your business? Having a great web design will help you maximize your marketing results and boost your chances of finding success quicker. In the past several years, Google and other search engines have emphasized the need to create mobile responsive websites to take care of the growing number of mobile users.
To prove their seriousness, most search giants have been demoting sites that ignore these directives while on the other hand rewarding their responsive counterparts with better rankings on SERPs.
Of course, there are a lot more SEO factors other than design, including the quality of inbound and outbound links, content quality, and loading speeds which is primarily determined by your choice of hosting and the elements used to design the site. You might want to check out these web hosting reviews if you’re looking to boost your site speed and ultimately enhance your SEO results.
Improve your conversion rates
Let’s face it, the primary goal of setting up a website for your business is to grow your customer base and increase your revenue and profits. Having a good design helps you convert a big number of your web visitors into buyers.
For starters, you can boost the visibility of your products and services by improving navigation and using strategically placed call-to-action buttons. Additionally, you can improve content readability by using easy-to-read fonts and adding more white space in your content. Also, including visuals will additionally enhance your site’s overall appeal and make your brand more impactful.
Enhance your customer service
Your website serves as the digital face, or put simply, the ‘reception area’ to your business. When potential customers search for your business and land on your site, the majority will gauge the expected quality of customer service based on the quality of your design. This is why we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of creating a good first impression.
For example, if you have a bright, inviting, and well-organized site, your visitors are likely to feel more welcome to your business and find it easy to contact you. On the other hand, an unappealing and outdated website is sure to come across as belonging to an offhand and cold business that hardly cares for its visitors.
Remain consistent and trustworthy
Did you know that the average buyer has to encounter a brand between six and eight times before they can finally feel comfortable buying from it? This is why it’s incredibly important for you to consistently promote your business and increase its visibility in the eyes of your prospects.
While at it, maintain a consistent brand appearance that users can familiarize with and relate to – this includes using the same type of fonts, colors, and layouts across your site. A lack of consistency can mean users find it difficult to register your brand image in their brains. This is obviously a precipice of disaster in your quest to attract and retain more customers.
How is web design affecting your business and customer acquisition results? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!
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