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How UX Design Brings Value to the Business

Today the digital platform has taken over our lives. Most of our daily activities are linked to it. This digital era is continuously changing and breaking the norms of business that seemed hard as a rock. This digital space has taken almost all industries are changing rapidly that it seems as fast as the speed of light.

Organizations involved in the digital space are in the race to create better products and often end up adding more features to them. But additionality of features in products is not for which consumers are craving for. They are often clueless about the features and sometimes it doesn’t align with their goal. When users are using the products like this it often hampers their productivity, as it is hard for them to understand and frustrates them. What users want is the product, which will take care of all their needs and deliver a soothing experience. To save them from this pain, the frustration of using the product is when the UX design comes to picture.

It is the most buzzing word in the digital space. UX design which was serving its purpose in shadows has finally stepped-out of darkness into the light to “Make Products Great Again!”.

In a 2016 study titled, The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX, Forrester Research found that a well-designed UX could result in an incredible 400% increase in a website’s conversion rate.

Organizations have finally realized that adding more features to their existing products is not always the answer. Products which can deliver an exceptionally great, content experiences is the key to success to stay in business.

Let’s see how UX design is bringing value to the business world:
UX design helps to reduce the development cost significantly:-

Developing a product from scratch is fascinating for creators. But developers and designers often end-up creating products, based on research theory and reports. These though valuable can never really replace the insights that businesses can get by asking users in real-time. Following the principles of UX design such as prototyping and usability testing, can help the development and design teams to understand what are the actual needs of their users.

UX research also a major part in crafting an unforgettable experience. It helps to detect inefficient solutions and prevent their implementation at the development stage.

UX design helps to convert leads into actual customers:-

The rise of the digital medium has given immense power to marketers. With the rise of digital marketing, acquiring customers for businesses though seems easy still poses a great challenge. The competition over the years has significantly increased and acquiring leads has taken different forms. Today one of the best ways to acquire or retain customers is to provide them with a user-friendly experience. Following the fundamentals and partnering with top UX design agencies like Clay can help businesses increase their overall ROI. Such fundamentals include:

Ease of use:

Making navigation easy on your website and application can help users to stay engaged with them. The aesthetic of your website and application also plays a huge role which defines the overall customer experience.

Reduce the no. of steps:

Reducing the no. of steps and having a minimalistic yet engaging appeal of design will encourage the user to purchase the product right away.

Providing Call-to-action(CTA):

Having a call to action will allow users to connect and helps to convert new visitors as well as retain the already existing customers.

Helps to increase brand loyalty:-

Brand recognition plays a vital part for every organization. It is how they represent themselves to the world. Making customers stay is always a challenge and organizations are constantly trying to find innovative ways to keep them. Building strong relationships is important. Making changes continuously as per the user requirement helps them understand that they are being listened to. Building products that deliver positive experience keep the customers loyal.

UX stimulates word of mouth:-

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”- Jeff Bezos

There is no denying in the power of word of mouth. Billionaire CEOs around the world has seen massive success. Designing experiences that build seamless interactions helps to create a social network through the product.

It promotes trust among users as they tend to behave and believe in people who are like them. Creating customer journey mapping, such as the star ratings, reviews, and “people who bought item like this”. It encourages customers to talk about a product and as a result, increases average order size.

User experience is important in today’s world. Curating a unique experience in today’s noise-filled, plagiaristic products is not easy. But if followed the principle of UX design and a vision to create products that will serve the user’s purpose will pave the path for business growth.

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