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Why Businesses Should Implement Network as a Service (NaaS)

Businesses heavily depend on technology for most of their operations, and it is extremely vital to have a well-built, secure, and stable network. Managing a network is not easy as it can be highly demanding and time-consuming. Luckily, you can have a hands-free and efficient network system by implementing Network as a Service (NaaS). Here are five reasons why your business should implement NaaS.

1.    Reduced costs

Maintaining your own business network is expensive because of the many IT costs that you have to incur. They include hardware and infrastructure costs, software purchases, and maintenance costs. However, by outsourcing these essential needs to an established team of experts like McKinstry Wireless, you get to have a comprehensive package at lowered costs. All you need is to pay your monthly costs, and you will have a stable and efficient business network.

2.    Prompt and continuous management

You need a proactive approach for managing your business network. This is the only way to resolve emerging issues before they get out of hand. Implementing NaaS gives you the benefits of an ever-available team of network experts whose primary focus is ensuring your business network is running smoothly. Prompt network management helps solve emerging IT issues before you can even notice them on your end.

3.    Enhanced security

We live in an age where combating cybercrime is incredibly crucial. Regardless of the size of your business, you are not immune to cyber and ransomware attacks by hackers. This means you need a highly secured business network to help avoid the access or leak of critical information to unauthorized third parties. A NaaS partner will save you from constantly worrying about the security of your network and the safety of valuable business data.

4.    High-performance network ecosystem

NaaS providers not only help you protect your company’s valuable data but also ensure you have a highly efficient network ecosystem. The last thing you need is a lagging network system on your busiest days, and having the right partner will ensure you never have to worry about experiencing frustrating hiccups. This way, your team can always be productive and daily tasks completed efficiently.

5.    Reduced downtime risks

As a modern business, experiencing downtime with your network can be too costly. Network downtime cost runs to highs of between $300,000 and $400,000 per hour for global enterprises, and is a burden you cannot afford to bear. Having a competent NaaS provider who is always monitoring your systems will significantly reduce these risks and save you from unwanted losses. This is why it is critical to partner with a company that offers around-the-clock solutions to avoid any glitches that might affect your regular operations.


Technology plays a central role in today’s business landscape and needs to be professionally managed. The first step for taking charge of your IT needs is having an efficient business network that can support all your operations. Since you need a network ecosystem that you can always count on, implementing NaaS is a sensible and lasting solution that will save you from lots of frustrations and monetary losses.