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Why a premium VPN is necessary to watch US Netflix from anywhere

Netflix houses over 16,000+ features and its incredible library consistently grows. As fans of the streaming service, we love to binge-watch the latest Netflix has to offer. One concerning point in this scenario is that Netflix is not the same everywhere you go.

different listings, different releases, and more. In other words, Netflix restricts its users to access the content library only available in their country. That is why we have to add the region name before Netflix to differentiate like US Netflix, UK Netflix, India Netflix, Canada Netflix, Korean Netflix, etc. But if you want to stream it all, wherever you are, you need a VPN.
Many people have employed VPNs to get rid of region restrictions and protect their data. In this article, we will share with you the main reasons why a secure and trusted premium VPN is the need of the hour. We’ll instruct you on how to get rid of any Netflix VPN proxy errors also and help you pick out a favorite from our recommended list of VPNs. Let’s get started.
Regional Division
We talked about this in the introduction and we’ll make a note of it again. A premium VPN hides your I.P. Address and poses you as a user from a local region. This helps you bypass the geo-restriction barrier of Netflix. Notice the word ‘premium’.
That is because you are entrusting a third party to secure your surfing and streaming experience. You give it full autonomy over the protection of data. When stakes are this high, it is wise to not go for cheaper or free options instead of secure and reliable premium ones. You never know what is going on at the back-end and you run the risk of losing important data.
Although Netflix is making progress in detecting VPN-supplied I.P addresses, especially the free ones, the technology has not yet been perfected. It is perfectly legal to use a VPN to access these regions. Some of the best shows like The Office, McMafia, Meet the Press, Freaks and Geeks, You’re the Worst, etc. are inaccessible in places like Canada. If you’re that excited to stream these types of stunning and must-watch shows, premium VPNs got your back!
Security from ‘anywhere’
In the title, we said stream from “anywhere”. The word ‘anywhere’ implies public spaces or on the go. It’s not always that you have your internet device and need to connect to Wi-Fi to stream Netflix. The harm and danger of connecting to public Wi-Fi carry a serious risk, which could result in a security breach or loss of data.
Many preventive measures exist to ensure you don’t get trapped while traveling or using public/unknown wi-fi. But instead of being vulnerable to cyberattacks, get a premium VPN. As we shared earlier, the premium VPN can easily hide your I.P. address and maintain your anonymity.
When you have to surf and stream on public Wi-Fi, the VPN will ensure that it keeps you safe and does not keep any user logs. Through this, you’ll be able to maintain anonymity, while being virtually in a different place altogether.
The VPNs to choose from
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) play an important role in streaming regionally restricted content on different Netflix countries. One important thing to remember is to go for premium and trusted choices. The reason we don’t recommend free or cheaper VPN choices is that you’re not obligated to the company fully. What would stop them from creating your logs, personal data, and sensitive information and using it against you? nothing.
A premium VPN would mention in bold letters that it would not store or share your data with anyone. The terms and conditions of a free VPN aren’t exactly black and white.

Why a premium VPN is necessary to watch US Netflix from anywhere
NordVPN on laptop

It would also share its security protocols to show levels of security. If the free VPN does not, it will be useless to have. There are many distinguishing and undeniable factors between the two. But now let’s talk about the VPNs that are proven to work on Netflix.

  1. AVG VPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. Hotspot Shield
  5. Ivacy VPN
  6. FastestVPN
  7. Keep Solid VPN Unlimited
  8. Bitdefender Premium VPN
  9. HideMyAss
  10. Avast SecureLine VPN

Alternatively, here are some VPNs that do not work with Netflix

  1. BlackVPN
  2. IVPN
  3. VPNSecure
  4. Unblock-US
  5. Perfect Privacy
  6. Hidester
  7. Hola
  9. Tor Browser
  10. Whoer VPN

Different Netflix Errors and Tips to avoid them
It is possible for you to come across a number of Netflix errors while streaming with or without a VPN. Here are some of the errors and remedial tips that can help you get rid of the errors:
Netflix Errors

  • Netflix Error M7111/ F7111
  • Netflix Error N8202, 40104
  • Netflix Error tvp-805
  • Netflix Error UI-800-3
  • Netflix Error M7361-1253
  • Netflix Error S7111-11101
  • Netflix Error 0041

Tips that can help you fix many Netflix Errors

  • Check whether your VPN is compatible to work with Netflix or not.
  • Try switching the IP address or the server on the VPN with which you’re connected.
  • Request for a dedicated IP address (a completely new one).
  • Try troubleshooting your internet connectivity

A premium VPN is not just limited to Netflix or other streaming services like Disney, Amazon, or Hulu. There are countless scenarios where you’d need to hide your IP address and get anonymous. When you’re on public Wi-Fi, surfing, and streaming, you might feel the urge to log in to your social accounts or need to do an online transaction.
Normally, we recommend our users to hold off such stuff for more secure networks like your home Wi-Fi or mobile data, but now we suggest people use a secure premium VPN. It is a tool that can take you all around the world virtually and will give you access to the best and latest releases on Netflix. Happy streaming!

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