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White label payment solutions

Payment services in your software and business related application, adds its own charm. Companies using white label payment solutions can use the service to improve their services and name. White labels payments is how one can integrate payment methods in their applications.

It is an opportunity to provide a paying platform under your own rather than using a big service name. A brand can process its payments under their own name and services 
Choosing white label payment gateways
Every brand is in need of a technology that brings it recognition and loyal customers, with white label solutions advantages such as brand recognition, flexibility, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness can be attained. 
With white label, a business will attain confident and loyal customers but will add a sense of guarantee when payments would not redirect to other webs, eliminating the suspicious part.
With the technology in question, a business owner will add their own logo to the service.
To get started with payment facilities in your ecommerce, gaming platform and online store pick a suitable and reputable partner, and be a company that accepts online payment with security.
Why use such a service for payment?
Although the payment service is legal and takes place under brand name, many people in the industry are unaware of it or either don’t want to risk things for their company. With the use of white label payment solutions it brings some benefits such as:

  •    It is comparatively cheaper in comparison to other payment solutions.
  •  Usually has Powerful real-time reporting.
  •   Flexibility to keep check and control of all pages.
  •  Customers are satisfied and feel secured while performing a payment.
  •   Using a software that keeps your logo on the display creates brand recognition ensuring its customers with validity.

Helps to increase customer base and expand your reach.

  • It reduces false transactions.

With every advantage, naturally comes a few drawbacks to the payment service. There can be limited possibilities for customization and you may not be able to find the right sources in a certain software. On the other hand if many companies are using the same software, it is possible to see issues appearing in your work or payment methods. Make sure to get a reliable software that works best on your needs and desires.
Moreover due to over the budget pricing and deadlines, huge delays in transactions can occur sometime. There is a little risk in losing money and time during an opportunity. Another factor in consideration is the loss of vision and functionality of a product while some information is being passed down between partners, 
Gateway solutions 
Most of the start-ups use hosted cloud gateway solutions which are maintained by third parties, over time as needs change with demand – the outline becomes sophisticated requiring more flexible solutions. Throughout the business it may be difficult to stick to one solution, but it is possible with the right one!
Choose a white label payment solution that provides you with the best; customer on board giving secure client registration. An option for currency change is very important, it will not only expand the business and make it available for the wider world but will give your brand international recognition. One key feature to your chosen software should be account- to – account transfer.  This will make users comfortable and will bring you loyal customers.
Option in the market

  • Akurateco

Here the sole focus is to deliver white-label payments while preventing frauds, offering high – end invoicing systems, data analysis and more to different companies on a single platform.

  • ikajo

This is white-labeled payment based company which offers integration options and over hundred payment methods. Based on industry and related factors, pricing starts from1.2% and varies upon the factors. For small businesses its HPP integration is an advantage and the client gets built in fraud prevention and chargeback software.
The conclusion
White labeled payment solutions and gateways is an excellent legally approved payment method which not only builds your company and business but promotes it to the fullest with your logo on the front. Online payments which are not redirected to a third party website, attracts users and ensures them about their privacy.

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