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What Can I Do With a Finished Basement?

While you’ve done a lot with the rest of the place, the basement hasn’t received much attention. That needs to change. A basement can become a practical living space that serves more than one purpose. After arranging for a professional to finish a basement in Mississauga, the possibilities are varied. Here are some suggestions that will help you get started.
More Sleeping Space for a Growing Family
With more kids in the house, it’s been necessary for the older ones to share rooms with the younger children. That works fine most of the time, but the oldest children are beginning to want some privacy. Since adding on rooms is out of the question, why not make the most of the already present space?
A basement can become a great bedroom for the oldest child. Controlling the temperature is easy, and the space can be made attractive and comfortable once it’s properly finished. Best of all, you’ll have space that can serve a different purpose once all the kids are grown.
A Guest Bedroom
Maybe the current sleeping arrangements are fine most of the time. It’s only when relatives or friends spend the weekend that things get a little stressful. Someone has to give up a bedroom, or the guests end up sleeping on the fold-out sofa in the den. Neither solution is ideal.
A finished basement makes a great spare bedroom. Your guests have privacy while family members get to sleep in their beds. If you install a full bathroom in the basement along with sleeping quarters, there will also not be a line for showers in the morning.
The Home Office You Always Wanted
Every time you sit down to work on the family’s financial records, it’s necessary to dig all the papers out, grab a laptop, and set things up on the dining room table. That’s great until it’s time to use the table; then everything has to be relocated. Once you’re done, everything has to be put away until the next time.
Eliminate this by arranging for a Brampton basement finishing that paves the way for a home office. Once the office is set up, all the documents have a permanent place. Haul them out when needed, then put them back in the files once you’re done. As a bonus, the basement ensures your home office is quiet and free of distractions while you concentrate on the family budget.
An Efficiency Apartment You Can Rent Out
Have you considered how the basement space could be used to generate more household income? Assuming there are no laws to prevent it, consider renovating the basement into an efficiency apartment. Include an exterior point of entry that your tenant can use.
This approach puts space that was serving no real purpose to good use. It means a little more money each month, which is nice. If you find the right tenant, that person could be with you for a long time. Think of what you could do with the extra money.

There are plenty of other ways to make the most of a finished basement. Call a contractor today and find out what it would take to get the space ready for whatever purpose you have in mind. Once it’s all done, you’ll wonder why it took so long to get around to this particular home improvement project.

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