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Vacations are something everyone looks forward to. Especially, when they are well-planned and managed to provide a wholesome experience. Family time is important for each and everyone and when the vacation is in Goa, there’s no looking back. The excitement and experience of staying and visiting places in Goa are unparalleled. One can hope for a lot of enjoyment and fun accompanied by adventure activities and much more.

Goa is a western Indian state with a wide coastline extending along the huge Arabian Sea. Popular for its classy and elegant seashores throughout the world, the state scenic beauty is a sight to behold. It proposes a whole choice of locations to visit, from 17th-century churches to spice plantations to fishing villages and long-stretching beaches.

One can hope to see the most beautiful sights and experience the most exotic places while in Goa. The people of Goa are warm-hearted folks who welcome tourists and guests with open arms. The familiarity with Goa’s lifestyle grows as one delves into the various places worth visiting during a stay in this mesmerizing state. But how does one find out the choicest places to go to, when vacationing in Goa? This blog post will help you out find out the locations worth visiting at the time of a break in Goa:

  • Calangute Beach:Stretching from Candolim to Baga, Calangute beach is the largest beach in the state of Goa. Situated at a distance of about 10 km from the city centre, the beach is one of the most visited places with tourists thronging the place to experience the lovely waters. There are multiple activity options available on this beach site such as parasailing, water-surfing, jet-skiing, banana-ride and many more, to attract tourists and adventure-seeking people. People live in shacks on the beach and enjoy nature at its best.
  • Fort Aguada: Another tourist favourite is a fort situated in Goa’s northern end, about 6 km from the city centre, commonly known as AguadaFort. A Portuguese fort from the 17th-century,it is situated at the convergence of River Mondovi and the vast Arabian Sea. It is renowned for a lighthouse, which is exclusive in the whole of it stands out as a four-storeyed structure with historical reference. Standing proudly atone of the famous beaches,the fort is a disintegrating remnant of the Portuguese culture built by the invaders during their reign in Goa.
  • Dining on a Cruise and Aquatic Sports: A holiday in Goa is incomplete without a cruise dinner and aquatic sports. Both contribute to making it an accomplished and complete trip to one of the most desirable tourist spots in the world. A dining experience on the cruise is something one must not miss. Moving into the pristine waters to enjoy the natural excellence accompanied by a fine dining and musical experience makes a memory of a lifetime. Offering a varied choice of casinos to romantic dates, backwater and evening voyages, it originates generally in Panjim at Miramar beach. As the sun sets in, it brings in a feeling of peace and calmness which lasts a lifetime. Sports in water are a craze in Goa with options such as knee-boarding, water-surfing, kayaking and even diving, the list goes on and on.
  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls: These waterfalls are situated inside the Mollem National Park. They are an outstanding mark of Goa’s elaborate exuberance. Famous as the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, which are around 52 km from the city’s centre in South of Goa. Tourists and visitors flock to the place all throughout the year. The place boasts of the presence of deciduous forests in its environs with its most exotic views coming in the monsoon months.
  • Chapora or ‘DilChahtaHai’ Fort: Popularly known as the DilChahtaHai fort, the Chapora Fort stands on the banks of the Chaporariver. With its outstanding locales and scintillating views, the fort was rightly chosen for shooting the famous Bollywood blockbuster DilChahtaHai, released in 2001. Most of the visitors, especially the young ones, proudly get themselves clicked in the fort with poses resembling the ones in the flick.
  • Thalassa – The Greek Taverna: The mention of a vacation seems incomplete without a visit to Goa’s famous restaurants and food places. Thalassa is one such place, which offers authentic cuisine from the Mediterranean regions with a touch of Greece. It offers some strikingly different mocktails and cocktails complemented by sunsets. The place oozes energy and life and boasts of its flavour and style when it comes to food and its presentation.
  • Basilica of Bon Jesus: Situated at approximately a distance of 9 km is the world-famous Basilica of Bon Jesus, a site declared by UNESCO a World Heritage. The tomb of St. Francis Xavier which has the remains of the priest preserved is located here. The remains have been well-maintained and remain one of the most-visited places by tourists in the whole city of Goa. The lowering of the remains otherwise hung high up, is one big attraction for the people visiting this state.

The list of places to visit in Goa can go on and on since it houses some of the world’s most stunning artefacts and buildings of historical relevance. Approximating a tourist count of 33.30 lakhs annually, both local and foreign, Goa claims to be one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. It claims to have something for everyone. Not only does the stay become memorable, but also the context of gaining knowledge of the history and culture and philosophy of the state of Goa and its people is a huge attraction. The excitement and experience of staying and visiting places in Goa are unparalleled.

Many people have started exploring Goa’s exclusively glamorous locales for destination events and weddings. Surely Goa is a place of pleasure and treasure and you must avail any opportunity that comes across to relish a vacation in Goa. Get your bookings done at W Hotel Goa, and enjoy the ravishing beauty and extant of nature spread lavishly all around. It is time to make some good memories. So pack your bags and get going. A generous, extraordinary and fun-filled vacation awaits you!

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