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What Are the Most Common Causes of Injury in the Workplace?

Despite increasingly tight health and safety regulations being enforced, accidents occur in the workplace more often than many of us would like to imagine.

Of course, there are freak accidents that nobody could have predicted. However, millions of workplace injuries are the result of human error or unaddressed hazards. But what specific errors and hazards should we all be aware of?
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Here is a list of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
Repetitive Strain Injury
Repetitive strain injury may not be the first thing many people think about when they hear the words ‘accident at work’. However, this type of injury is one of the most common within the workplace. Many jobs require repetitive movements, such as typing, lifting, and writing. This can lead to overstrain of the muscles around the wrist and elbow joints, leading to long-term issues. In serious cases, it can even lead to permanent disabilities. Many of these issues can be avoided by employers offering alternative ergonomic equipment and providing mandatory skid steer training for all employees for their health and safety.
Machinery Accidents
For those who work on a construction site or in a factory, it’s likely that they use machinery every single day. Large production equipment creates many safety hazards, which can lead to detrimental injuries. Something as small as a piece of loose clothing or hair getting entangled in a piece of equipment can lead to serious consequences. If a machine has not been properly tested and there is a fault, many employees could be at risk.
It’s vital that all employees provide extensive health and safety training to all employees who will be using any form of machinery. Nowadays, most machinery has several different safety mechanisms to avoid accidents and injuries from occurring. However, it’s vital that all employees follow the necessary precautions to stay safe.
Several different jobs require employees to climb large ladders or be lifted to great heights. Unfortunately, fools are a common cause of injury in the workplace. This can include falling from a ladder, down a flight of stairs, or from an elevated platform.
Taking the necessary safety precautions can massively decrease the risk of falls. This involves ensures that proper footwear is worn at all times, slippery surfaces or wiped down, and safety harnesses are worn when necessary.
Slips and Trips
Other slipping over in front of a colleague at work may be rather embarrassing, it often doesn’t lead to serious injuries. With that being said, slips and trips still contribute to a large percentage of workplace injuries.
When floors are cluttered or wet, it’s quite easy for people to lose their balance. Depending on the severity of the slip, they can end up with a few bruises and scratches, or they can be unlucky enough to break a bone.
By wiping down floors and keeping the workplace neat and tidy, most slips and trips can be avoided. It only takes a few minutes to remove clutter, but it can save both the employer and the affected employee a lot of time and money by avoiding any legal action being taken.
Road Accidents
Employees whose job requires them to drive a vehicle are at an increased risk of being in a road traffic accident. Whether they are driving a small car or a large truck, the consequences of a vehicle collision can be fatal. Accidents can occur due to lack of concentration, poor weather conditions, or unexpected obstacles on the road.
All employees are required to undergo the necessary background checks to ensure they are qualified and safe to drive before heading onto the road in a company vehicle. Employers should provide the appropriate training to every employee, and it’s important for every driver to report any problems with their vehicle as soon as they notice them. This way, these issues can be resolved before they are serious enough to cause an accident.
Contact with Harmful Objects
Whether a worker accidentally strikes against an object or a body part is pinched or crushed by a piece of equipment, contact with harmful objects in the workplace is another common cause of injury. Falling or moving objects can cause harm to employees.
Again, it comes down to employers checking every piece of equipment thoroughly every single day and employees following the necessary health and safety procedures while at work.

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