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Dušan Tomić, Regional Sales Director, Vault-ERP

Vault-ERP: Helping Businesses Achieve Higher Levels of Productivity and Efficiency with Lower Costs

When a business grows, its workload also grows exponentially. Managing different departments and projects with spreadsheets and emails doesn’t make sense anymore.
As a growing IT company, we also had to deal with the same dilemma at Rare Crew. We witnessed chaos in the functioning of various departments. After getting frustrated with spreadsheets, emails, and having to use multiple apps, we created a tool that brings order to business processes and helps achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.
Insights Success caught up with Dušan Tomić, the Regional Sales Director of Vault-ERP, to find out more about the company and how its resource management tool, Vault-ERP, is helping businesses.
Managing Businesses Smoothly, Effectively and Accurately
Vault-ERP is a powerful resource management tool that’s specifically tailored to meet business needs. It guarantees to help businesses run more smoothly and achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency with lower costs. This tool stores essential company data in one system, which is super easy for employees to use and work with.
In a nutshell, Vault-ERP allows businesses to manage effectively, report accurately, and get things done.
Providing A Highly Efficient Operational Information Database
Moreover, Vault-ERP provides a highly efficient operational information database regarding employees, contracts, projects, assets, clients, opportunities, vendors, an overview of costs, business trips, and day-to-day business operations, along with a spectrum of useful and innovative features for managers. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps you run your business daily.
And it doesn’t stop there; it’s still in the process of coming up with new modules based on the needs of its clients.
Providing Fully Customizable Dashboards
Many companies often find that they have to adjust their workflow and tweak their operations to suit their ERP solution. With a custom-made ERP system like Vault-ERP, businesses gain complete control, competitive advantage, flexibility, and scalability to suit their needs.
Besides customization, Vault-ERP is also strong with its modularity. It’s designed so that modules can work independently or as one unit. You don’t have to pay for the modules you don’t need.
A multi-company setup in Vault-ERP allows you to efficiently manage several companies in different markets or countries under one organization whilst preserving your uniqueness. With Vault-ERP, you can keep all company data separated and can easily navigate between them.
Another great feature is Vault-ERP’s fully customizable dashboard which shows all the key performance indicators that are specific to different departments and goals. KPIs allow organizations to make correct decisions that they’ll benefit from and allow them to track their progress.
Helping Businesses Increase Revenue and Profitability
Dušan mentions that the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world and that many companies had to adapt to remote work quickly. Even when working from a distance, companies still need to be able to manage several projects, track financials, check the progress of sales, effectively execute daily tasks, and even manage and evaluate employees. For example, features like time tracking will help increase the project’s revenue and profitability, while a time off feature will provide you with a comprehensive overview of employees, teams, or the whole company.
With a project dashboard feature, companies can keep projects running smoothly on budget and on time with unique insights while managing budgets and resources. On the project dashboard, a project manager can view all the relevant project metrics, actual and planned expenses, project members details, tasks status, time off roster and much more.
With Vault-ERP, companies will get a real-time overview of key company data and can easily manage their business processes.
Making Work Processes More Efficient
Vault-ERP strongly believes that employees are a company’s most valuable asset and should be supported wherever possible. “Vault-ERP has brought order to our IT company called Rare Crew and many others. It helped us save time and reduced our running costs by making work processes more efficient. We invested thousands of hours into designing and developing Vault-ERP so that it provides a complete business overview which’ll help businesses grow” expresses Dušan.
ERP systems are quickly spreading. They’re no longer suited to just corporations and big companies anymore. Small companies will soon be able to benefit from these tools as ERP systems are becoming more cost effective and efficient. Modular solutions, as mentioned before, are the reason for this.
What Clients Have to Say?
“The efficiency has improved by 70% within 6 months. Our team is confident of improving throughput by 4 times within this year.” –  Vinay N. who managed to save time and money on administrative tasks.
“The introduction of Vault-ERP allowed us to streamline our recruitment process.” –  Elizabeth P.
“Vault-ERP’s KPIs stored a wide range of information that provided us with valuable insight into our business. Being able to view these data insights on our dashboard ensured that we’d be making data driven decisions from now on.” –  Lukas S.
ERPs Post Pandemic
Talking about the future of the ERP market post the Covid-19 pandemic, Dušan mentions that cloud ERPs have several advantages like the elimination of repetitive tasks due to automation, higher effectivity and efficiency, and better decision making due to a clear overview of data. Covid-19 plays an important role in the organizational policies of companies of every size and how people cooperate with each other. Social distancing will also accelerate ERP implementation across many industries. As remote work becomes the norm, the demand for ERPs with key features like HR, project, operations, sales, and financial management will increase.
Another factor that influences the future of ERP is digitalization, which will be a necessity in Europe according to the DIGITALEUROPE manifesto. “Together we will strive for a Europe where digital technologies, innovation, and artificial intelligence can provide Europe’s people with competitive jobs, better health, and better public services. A strong unfragmented DIGITAL EUROPE that takes leadership in creating digital Inclusion, Green growth, Innovation, Trust, Agile mission-based policy making that drives prosperity and creates benefits for European society and leads globally in an open economy” asserts Dušan.
He further adds that businesses around the world need to be ready for the whole movement because sooner or later, it may be required by law.
Vault-ERP has a talented and highly experienced team, so it’d like to deliver more new features, modules, and exceptional services for those who want to grow.