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TVN Reddy, CEO, Aptean

Aptean: The ERP Promise of The Future

ERP solutions are a great awakening in most industries today. Industries have always recognized the value of efficient resource management. However, growing umbrella solutions from ERP providers promise something more – real-time resource planning with enriching insights, to capture the future. A key challenge in the ERP solution business remains the relative lack of expertise in a client’s business. Aptean, an ERP solution provider headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia promises to solve this core challenge with experience, and expertise.
A Partner in the Food & Beverage Sector
Since its inception, TVN Reddy, the CEO of Aptean, believed, “purpose-built, industry-specific software is the ERP solution every business needs.” He has led Aptean’s development of ERP software with industry-specific solutions for businesses. For example, Aptean today offers product cost calculation solutions tailored to meet growing uncertainties in the food and beverage sector. Its Food & Beverage ERP solution enables food manufacturers to estimate the price of fertilizers, regulatory costs, machinery costs, depreciation, labor, and property costs, ahead of time. Furthermore, using its expertise of dealing with thousands of businesses in the Food & Beverage industry, Aptean offers key strategies for its clients to tackle challenges head-on.
For example, during Covid-19, the company helped its clients set an optimal price for their products, amidst a tremendously volatile pandemic, and trade wars. Its Food ERP solution took into account various factors including past sales, seasonal demand trends, and competitor models to reach the optimum price with great confidence. The pricing model was a sigh of relief for various businesses in the Food & Beverage sector as trade war, and the pandemic pushed manufacturers out of their wits to come up with a strategy. Aptean’s Food & Beverage ERP solution acts as a cross-functional interface to improve profitability, even during the pandemic. Its signature tool also improved quality, efficiency, and compliance for small, and large businesses alike. Mr. Reddy expresses, “We built in functionalities to cover real and daunting business challenges, because we live and breathe with manufacturers every day. We know the tough decisions you must make every day.”
An Expert Insider in Process and Industrial Manufacturing
Apart from the Food & Beverage industry, Aptean also caters to the process and industrial manufacturing industries. Mr. Reddy asserts, “Process and discrete manufacturing require specialized ERP solutions to meet their unique needs and to achieve maximum efficiency, while simultaneously producing quality goods to meet both consumer demand and compliance requirements.”
He believes its cloud-based and on-permise ERP solutions are ideal for manufacturing companies for a number of reasons.
For example, Aptean’s Process Manufacturing ERP solution includes formula management modules to calculate, and scale ingredient quantities for batch manufacturing control. Its Industrial Manufacturing ERP provides user-friendly functionality for real-time scheduling and planning, accurate job costing and shop floor execution.
Today, Aptean works with manufacturers in industries including: fabricated metals, consumer products, electronics, chemicals, beverage, automobiles, home furnishings, equipment, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Mr. Reddy notes, “Our software is industry-specific so we create particular functionality designed for each. Moreover, we bring the best in the industry on-board to offer our customers deep expertise. Our people work tirelessly to solve the biggest problems our customers are facing.”
A Positive Culture of Growth
In its relentless pursuit of being the best in the industry, Aptean management has learned a key lesson. The company values transparency as a core pillar of building a clientcentric and positive work culture. Mr. Reddy says, “In order to serve the customer really well, we need to listen to them and to our people constantly.” Hence, the Aptean management conducts quarterly surveys of both customers and employees to understand their perspectives, and also gathers data to measure employee engagement.
The survey provides a priceless feedback loop to drive continual improvements in Aptean’s culture. Apart from its quarterly surveys, the company also holds a monthly ‘ask anything’ session with employees. The meeting is attended by all the managers at Aptean, globally. These sessions aim to increase agility and transparency at the organization. At Aptean, a core part of team building is to encourage constant innovation for its clients.
Aptean works in an arena where innovation, keeping up with industry trends, and maximizing efficiency are core competencies. Moreover, Aptean’s clients rely on the company to take their technological innovation capabilities to the next level. A transparent and positive culture is a strong motivator for employees to lead its clients with the best expertise in the industry. Mr. Reddy says, “We know the one-size-fits-all enterprise software model doesn’t work for many businesses for a variety of reasons. Our aim is to learn, grow, and be the best in every industry vertical including Food & Beverage, Process Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, and more.”
A Key Solution for Importers and Distributors
Aptean offers a tailor-made solution for importers and distributors as well. The solution aims to end uncertainty, due to increased competition and squeezed margins. Mr. Reddy notes, “The import and distribution sector has undergone major transformation during the pandemic. This includes supply chain disruption and ongoing changes to supply sourcing.” The result is increased competition with little room to hide in a dynamic landscape. The Aptean solution for importers and distributors delivers a real way for companies to fulfill the growing aspirations of consumers and simultaneously empower their operations with streamlined productivity. He says, “Our product is designed to take import and distribution to the next level. To increase efficiency, to increase agility, and finally, to get ready for what’s coming next.”
Mr. Reddy also shares his insights on an increasingly competitive global landscape. According to him, technology can achieve many key goals, which are still left unaddressed in the distribution industry. For example, technology can be used to standardized process with a centralized system of information and real-time data. ERP software can also streamline retailer compliance with integrated EDI. The solution can also bring in increased supply efficiency with built-in warehouse management tools. Aptean’s signature ERP solutions for the importing and distribution sector deliver increased visibility in operations, improved efficiency and better inventory control. Mr. Reddy Notes, “Technology is the key solution to increased margins in import and distribution.”
A Robust Future Roadmap
Mr. Reddy shared some of his key insights in regards to technology implementation. He noted, “As a rule of thumb, investment in technology produces better ROI to investment in other areas. However, the right implementation is the key.” He believes technology is essential to an increasingly digitalized business landscape globally. The integrated commerce solutions Aptean offers, like Pay, EDI, BI, and eCommerce, promise to bring-in new sales every day.
Furthermore, technology implementation can help businesses achieve key objectives like increases in sales and productivity gains. Mr. Reddy believes the right technology, integrated throughout the operation, is essential. He declares, “The most important thing is to find the right technology that fits your specific needs. This is the challenge Aptean is trying to solve for its customers globally.”
Apart from its core operations, Aptean also invests in building the local community. The company has invested in creating opportunities for employees to participate in local community service. It has also partnered with Children’s Restoration Network to raise funds, and donate essentials for various school requirements, and thanksgiving drives. Aptean leadership continues its love for technology with a donation of computer equipment to organizations like Atlanta Youth, and a sponsorship of Women in Technology’s Women of the Year in STEAM Awards.
Aptean remains committed to developing sustainable and prosperous partnerships with clients, employees, and its local community alike. Only time will tell, what the future may hold for Aptean. However, its promising foray into industry-specific ERP has earmarked the company to be a top player in the ever-growing ERP solution arena.