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Gary Puchalski, Senior Consultant, AIM Computer Solutions

AIM Computer Solutions: Maximizing Productivity and Profitability of Discrete Manufacturers with Cost-Effective Software Solutions

Founded decades prior to Industry 4.0, AIM Computer Solutions is an industry leader in the repetitive manufacturing marketplace. It was established to offer technology solutions, specifically for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.
The company has a legacy of understanding the unique business operations of each of the trading partners in the supply chain. Over thirty years later, AIM is still one of the top software providers designed to help manage the operations of the complex automotive supply chain through business software technology. With a strong heritage in understanding EDI requirements, in particular, AIM is the leader in tools to manage automotive order management, release accounting and shipping control systems.
We at Insights Success caught up with Gary Puchalski, the Senior Consultant at AIM to know more about the company and how it is optimizing ERP for automotive suppliers.
A Customer-Centric Approach
AIM Computer Solutions is committed to providing highquality, cost-effective software solutions to discrete manufacturers that assist in maximizing their productivity and profitability. It endeavors to develop a long-term relationship with each customer in order to form a “partnership for success”. This partnership is based on the belief that the company will succeed only by helping its customers be successful.
This unique partnership is achieved through teamwork and by providing a forum to respond to its customers and their industries’ changing needs. AIM Computer Solutions hosts User Group meetings several times a year, where customers have an opportunity to impact the future direction of its ERP software product development enhancements. The strength in AIM comes from the strength of its employees, and it recognizes each employee has unique contributions to the success of the partnership with its customers.
Transforming Manufacturing Processes
AIM’s customers seek its outstanding modules that help them manage their supply chains, such as EDI, order and demand management, OEM, Tier-1 through Tier-N specific bar code labeling, as well as those applications that help them transform their manufacturing processes and improve their ability to gain business analytics and intelligence.
AIM is a preferred choice among its clientele because it is a single-source supplier of EDI and ERP solutions, and it cares about the success of its customers. EDI integration into ERP is where the company excels. It builds the trading partner’s business logic into its EDI and ERP software solution. It has never missed an Automotive EDI mandate for any one of its over 400 trading partners. In addition, the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data collected and managed via its solution provide its customers the opportunity to gain operational intelligence that drives business decisions and results.
Developing Technologies that Contribute to Business Success
Gary mentions that one of the biggest impacts of the current pandemic on the ERP sector and related markets has been supply chain disruption and employee availability. The pandemic directly impacted semiconductor chip production, which resulted in a supply chain disruption. Additionally, as we continue to emerge from the pandemic, worker availability continues to be a challenge.
Both of these impacts overshadow the ERP sector, and therefore there is a need to continue to develop technologies that can help positively contribute to the businesses’ success.
AIM offers Mobile App solutions for the plant floor, which integrate with machine sensors for reporting part, good counts. IoT has allowed for data capture to happen via technology rather than resources and manual tally sheets that get updated into inventory 24 hours later. Inventory needs to be dynamic and updated in real time in order for businesses to survive in this new age of manufacturing. Solutions that make use of integration and eliminate manual data entry are going to gain market share.
AIM was able to utilize the COVID-19 pandemic, to work on a new web-based ERP software product and shrink the time to market due to users working from home and spending more focused time on developing new technologies.
Being Committed to Customer Service Excellence
AIM’s commitment to assisting our clients in whatever they need to further their business with its customers is the driving force of the organization. It is a trusted solution provider committed to customer service excellence. It believes in the value of teamwork and works collaboratively to provide the best software and service for our clients. Its clients often consider the AIM software support staff to be a vital extension of their IT Team, replying on them to help facilitate trading partner set up and testing processes.
Helping Students Learn About Manufacturing Industry
When it comes to community work, AIM always stands tall. It is committed to manufacturers and the future of manufacturing. For years, it has supported MFG DAY, serving as a host site for local school districts that work to educate and expose students to opportunities within the manufacturing industry.
Traditional education programs do not afford students enough exposure to all the future careers, and this is one way it can help students learn about the different aspects of the manufacturing industry.
Incorporating New Technologies for Better Collaboration
Talking about the future, Gary states that as AIM Computer Solutions considers the changes in the way employees have worked remotely during the pandemic, it only emphasizes the increased need for additional technologies to be used for better collaboration. In the next five years, he sees these being incorporated not only in its corporate culture but also into its ERP package.
Gratitude Note from Clients
“The software has provided us with a great solution for repetitive manufacturing and is very strong in providing a solid solution for EDI, Inventory Control, Production Posting, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving. On the accounting side the software talks seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Overall, we have been happy with the Support from AIM and the overall software.” —⁠— Accurate Gauge & Mfg., Inc., Manufacturing Engineer
“I like the systems’ versatility because you can use it just to translate the EDI protocols or to ship all your finished goods and labeling system using Kanban systems; it will ensure the correct performance of your shipping process.” —⁠— Manufacturas Estampadas. S.A. de C.V. (Manesa)
“AIM has helped us because EDI, ASN and Bar Codes are seamlessly integrated into the software, so we never have to have a special person handling it.” —⁠— Grant Industries, Inc.