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Validata: Helping Businesses Increase Revenue through Qualitative ALM Platform

The world is getting digitized every moment and the industry of software is expanding at a massive rate to fulfill the daily needs of our lives.  With this sudden shift in the industry, there comes the necessity for the entrepreneurs to offer the most trendy and updated solutions to their customers ensuring that the working software is free from defects to avoid compromising on the business and its safety or security. While customer’s experience is imperative in today’s scenario, cost, time-to-market and customer experience are the top priorities.
In such times of change, it apparently seems that SMAC (Social, Media and Analytics in the cloud) and Digital Technology are changing the behavior of organizations across all industries and as a result, a dramatic change can be identified in end customer experiences, operational processes and business models for engagement.
Until now organizations have been forced to bolt together a number of specialized tools from different suppliers in order to achieve anything close to ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). The experts suggest that implementing ALM systems have always been challenging in terms of cost and complexity. It apparently seems that with no integration framework, control has been uncertain at its best, creating both delay and risk in the development process and in operations. With the best platform for integrated tools, Validata, a leader in the market of Enterprise Software for ALM and DevOps, is helping its clients accelerate delivery, optimize business risks and reduce costs.
Transitioning from Quality Assurance to Digital Assurance
Validata’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps suite is a central platform for integrated tools, built mainly for the Banking and Finance sector. The company is primarily focusing on managing core automated lifecycle activities such as continuous testing , build, release and configuration management, enabling the development of software applications from conception to delivery and allowing banks to encourage best practices by capturing and reusing project assets and process knowledge.
Unlike other solutions, which are a mix of some good solutions blended with some extraordinary patches, Validata builds every solution from the ground level that adds a flavor of uniqueness to its solution. Built on a robust platform that covers every aspect of the application lifecycle, Validata uses open technology enabling its clients retain their existing tool and use them seamlessly along with Validata’s solutions.
With an aim to dig deeper into the world of technology and offer best-in-class solution to its clients, Validata see the process of delivering software as a continuous cycle of inter-related steps including definition, design, development, testing, deployment, reporting & metrics, and maintenance. They say that each of these steps needs to be tightly managed and controlled. This is what makes them a leading player in designing, developing, delivering ‘best of breed’ ALM solutions and helps them to showcase the expertise required to accelerate productivity.
Validata’s agile ALM platform not only brings together the requirements, test management, agile test data management, testing, defects, planning, resources, development and deployment, but also has the capability of integrating itself with external systems such as HP, QC, CA Clarity, IBM RTM, Atlassian Jira, etc., enabling continuous delivery, integration, testing and constant monitoring. Their extraordinary platform enables end-to-end visibility and control over the application lifecycle to help key stakeholders keep the track of costs, progress, and quality and prevent slippage. The company also offers mobile testing automation in line with sprint-based development that speeds up work processes and encourages better and more robust results.
About the Mastermind behind this Revolutionary Company
With a rich experience of more than three decades, Vaios Vaitsis, Founder and CEO, incepted Validata to deliver something better than the rest. After seeing the need for a model-driven, integrated ALM solution with automated design capabilities, Vaios established the company in 2004 on the basis of his vision. He has a deep knowledge in data lifecycle management, BI and test analysis software, and that is what has helped him while working on two successful software startups.
While talking about the company, Vaios commented, “Validata has a combination of loyal marquee customers, innovative market tested products and amazingly talented people. I am honored to continue working with such talented people dedicated to technology, innovation and passionate about listening to our clients.
He further adds, “The company’s vision was to make automation work, and turn the manual testers into automation experts, move away from fragmented methodologies, spreadsheets etc. and introduce a unified platform leveraging all the technology innovations; service virtualization, mobile testing, distributed executions agile test data management etc.”
What keeps Validata at the forefront of the Race?
Validata makes a clear division between technical detail and high level business flow modeling, making the delivery of reusable automated test suites and its maintenance an inexpensive and simple task. It creates Release Orchestration and DevOps automation that accelerates core banking Upgrade and Implementation projects, highlighting where Quality is compromised, monitoring DevOps, providing insights and ensuring application performance.
The solutions from Validata ensures their client with Enhanced productivity and Cost Saving, Improved developer’s and test productivity, Accelerated time to market, Improved business productivity, and Increased decision making. In short, the CEO says, “I believe that what has differentiated us from our competition is that we are passionate and committed to delivering real value and innovation to our clients.
About the Future Plans of this Innovative Company
Validata is committed to building automation software for the financial services industry and sticking to the same core values of re-usability, openness and technology-agnostic, making their products better, faster, easier to use and integrate with other systems. The company is further planning to some innovative projects in the near future, including Testing for the IoT, mobile testing, AI and machine learning and simulating the new 5G and test analytics.
We promise to help clients understand their ALM processes from start to finish and guide them in their journey to evolve from manual testing to adopting DevOps and Continuous Testing practices,” says Vaios.
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