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Using Technology to Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity

Task management software, software for engineering, communication software, and technology has really made our working lives better.

Some of the latest technology can increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Find out how you can leverage technology to manage projects.

  1. Bring teammates together with a communication software

You can’t underestimate the importance of effective communication in a team. Effective communication helps to enhance team productivity. Fortunately, there are advanced technology solutions for all businesses, regardless of the size.

From video conferencing tools to team messengers, there are several tools that can help to boost team communication and improve team productivity. Examples include Slack, Zoom, Flock, and Chanty.

  1. Use cloud-based tools to remain organized across workflows

The chances are that you once had a project delayed because you couldn’t locate an asset. Perhaps you’ve had a laptop crash with all your critical files. Getting all your projects, milestones, and assets easily accessible and in sync can remarkably boost overall team performance.

It is not surprising that most organizations run most of their workloads in the cloud. So, no matter the industry or the size of your business, cloud-based tools will significantly enhance your team productivity and collaboration.

  1. Utilize time tracking tools

You can’t improve what you can’t measure and track. That’s the reality of life. To improve the performance of team members, each one of them has first to understand their clocks.

Time tracking tools can help you understand the amount of time you use during the day, what distracts you most, and what time you’re getting your most productive hours.

This will help every team member make the most of their time and become more efficient. Consequently, this improves team productivity. Some great time tracking tools include Toggl and Time Boy.

Make project management smooth

Consider this Scenario.

A huge project is coming, and everyone in the team is in a rush to get things done. Team member A begins working on Task X, unaware that team member B is already working on Task X.

In the end, both team members will feel that they wasted their time. Such scenarios can be avoided with the use of project management software. With a comprehensive tool in place, it becomes easy to know who is working on what.

Also, project management software can outline deadlines, bottlenecks in the project, and task dependencies. This helps project managers to take steps to ensure a high level of productivity is maintained.

  1. Simplify small daily tasks

We all do small, monotonous things every day that consume a few seconds or minutes. The time used in such things may seem negligible, but it is a lot of time in the long run.

Technology can be used to simplify or even automate such tasks, which can help to improve productivity. It can be used to eliminate taking unnecessary steps to get some things done.

For instance, if your team shares password-protected files and systems, password management tools can come in handy. They help to save time that would, otherwise, be used to get login credentials from someone else.

It is never easy to pull together a collaborative and productive team. But the good news is, you can use technology to revamp your team’s efficiency and productivity.