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The 10 Best Time Tracking Software for 2020

We are now surrounded by apps and software that have made life much easier and things streamlined, whether at work or home. Time tracking tools are a class of software that aim to track the way the user spends his/her time daily. Such apps run continuously, monitoring every individual activity online and offline. The use cases are numerous: such apps are proven to result in a significant productivity boost and can help you stay clear of potential distractions at work.
It’s easy to get sidetracked into certain activities such as email at the cost of other, often more important work tasks. A survey revealed how many professionals end up spending more than 3 hours on checking emails every day. The use of time tracking software can help keep a track of where it is that your precious time is going every day.
We’ve scanned a plethora of time tracking apps available today and present here a list of the 10 best time tracking software that we have shortlisted based on their specific pros and cons. Let’s get straight to these apps and see what makes them stand out.

1. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is one of the best-known time tracking apps that packs in a powerful punch when it comes to the features onboard. The software is highly customizable which makes it ideal for professionals working in a variety of industries.


Rich Reports

One of the best time tracking software out there, TimeDoctor provides users with rich time use daily and weekly reports so you can correct common errors and boost productivity. These reports can be analyzed and studied to minimize costs and improve key business metrics.

Pop-up Alerts

Pop-up alerts are great when it comes to staying on track without getting distracted at work. The software will flash an alert when you stray onto social media or other non-work related websites.

Monitor Chats and Calls

TimeDoctor provides detailed insights about the time that is spent in attending calls and on chat communication. You will be able to see that people involved in the chat conversations too.


A great thing about TimeDoctor is that it is a cross-platform application. The software can be installed on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, And Android. There’s even a version for Chrome. This makes TimeDoctor one of the most versatile time tracking software around.


TimeDoctor is quite affordable, making it suitable for startups and enterprises alike. The paid plans start at $9.99 per month per user. There is also a free 14-day trial period.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another familiar name in the time tracking app space and the app is used by a number of organizations around the world.


Monitor Productivity

The software measures app usage, activities on URLs, etc and provides employees and employers with activity percentage data which helps ascertain a professional’s activity levels.

Payroll Management

If there is one function Hubstaff is perhaps most known for, it has to be payroll management. The software can be used to track employee time and automate payroll management. Accurate time cards can be generated for swift payroll processing.

Schedule Management

Hubstaff can be used for scheduling employees’ work calendars and also for reporting attendance in a seamless way. You will be able to check the availability of all employees in one place and assign them tasks quickly based on their schedules.


The Hubstaff software has a free version for a single user that supports only the basic functions of the app. The paid plans start at $7 per month per user and go all the way up to $20 per month per user for the Enterprise plan. Each of these plans has its own set of features.

3. Tick

Tick is an efficient time tracking tool that allows users to clock in time using either their computers or smartphones.


Seamless Time Tracking

Using Tick, you can see the project budget usage and how much time is still left to be clocked in until all of the monetary resources have been exhausted.

Browser-extension Based Tracking

What if you could simply run a timer right from within your favorite browser? Tick features a Chrome browser extension that lets you do that with ease. You can start the timer seamlessly while browsing the internet or checking your email.

Integration with Project Management Tools

One of the most critical features to look out for in a time tracking app is whether it integrates with the existing project management tools in your workflow. Tick integrates with more than 750 apps including Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.


Tick is free to use for a trial period spanning 30 days. It is free to use for tasks involving just one project. Otherwise, the paid versions start at $19 per month for an unlimited number of users.

4. TimeTrack

TimeTrack is a relatively lesser-known time tracking software but is nevertheless a powerful one. The software has been recognized by Apple and has more than a hundred thousand users worldwide.


Constant Evolution is The Name of The Game

When it comes to time tracking software, it is really important for an app to constantly evolve and stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technological changes. TimeTrack has been constantly evolving for more than 6 years now. Frequent and timely bug fixes and updates are common.

Easy Sync

TimeTrack allows you to start your timer on one device and continue working on the next one. The app automatically syncs all data in the background without the user having to do a thing. You can start the timer from your Apple smartwatch and move on to your Mac while working.

Expense Monitoring

A key feature of TimeTrack is the ability to monitor project costs. It is possible to generate invoices quickly and send them to your clients for them to keep track of the costs and release payments in a timely manner. It’s a great way to keep everyone on track.


TimeTracker comes with a free version that can log up to 30-time entries and has basic features. The paid plans start at $2.99 which is the one-time cost for the Pro version of the software.

5. RescueTime

RescueTime has quite a following amidst its customers who trust the app for accurate time tracking. The core focus of the app is simple enough: it basically helps you to understand where your time goes every day.


Set Goals

RescueTime lets you set goals for yourself so you can see your progress in a time-bound manner. A goal can be as simple as a commitment to limit social media usage to less than an hour a day.

FocusTime Blocker

The software features a distraction blocker that will send you alerts when you stray off work accidentally. For instance, non-work sites can be blocked with ease to keep you focused and productive.

Burnout Protection

It’s all too easy to find yourself working outside of your working hours. If you find the lines between your working and non-working hours blurring often, it is time to use a time tracking app such as RescueTime.


RescueTime features a ‘Lite’ version which is free to use but comes with limited features when compared to the paid plans that start at $6 a month.

6. Toggl

Toggl offers time tracking and reporting and is one of the best productivity-boosting tools. You can use the app to break your working hours down into projects and tasks.



Have you ever finished a critical task only to find that you forgot to start your time tracker software? It’s a frustrating situation indeed, and one that can be prevented with the use of Toggl which sends you time tracking reminders so you do not miss tracking your time. It will detect low activity levels and alert you.

Project Tools Integration

Like many other time tracker apps in this list, Toggl supports most project management tools commonly found in business workflows out of the box. This means you can continue to use Toggl with the software you have already been using.


Toggl provides a ‘Starter’ plan that is priced at $10 per user per month. The ‘Premium’ plan has even more features and is priced at $20 per month per user.

7. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a time tracker app that lets you boost your productivity by tracking your billable work hours.


Easy Invoicing

TimeCamp not only lets users log their time entries but also makes it easy to generate professional invoices based on the hours worked.


The software can be used to track attendance and time off as well. TimeCamp also lets you analyze attendance and absence periods. It is also possible to track days off and holiday periods.


TimeCamp has a ‘Solo’ version which is free to use and supports a single user. The premium plans start at $7 per month per user.

8. Hourly

Hourly is another time tracking software that provides a range of analytics and tracking functions.


Intelligent Tracking & Analysis

Hourly will ingest all time tracking data and examine the information for patterns and events. The app processes all raw data and produces valuable insights that can help you improve productivity.

Smart Forecasts

The software analysis historical time usage data and will yield forward estimates as well which can help in decision-making processes. The app can predict the values of the most important business metrics that matter.


Hourly comes with a ‘Starter’ plan that costs $5 per month and applies only to one user. The ‘Professional’ plan costs $10 per month per user.

9. TimeTiger

TimeTiger is a progress and productivity tracking app that makes time logging easy. It is also popular for providing valuable business estimates and metrics.


Ease of Use

Perhaps the most important feature of TimeTiger is the fact that it makes time tracking easy as pie. The software requires that you just click on the task you are working on. Nothing else needed.

Time Estimates

Another great feature of TimeTiger is that you can see estimates of project costs and timelines as soon as you begin working.


TimeTiger provides a web-based tracking tool and users pay a fixed monthly fee for every user in the team. The pricing starts at $15 per user per month.

10. Clockify

Clockify is a time tracking software that can help you maintain accurate timesheets using a simple timer app.


Visual Reporting

Clockify shows all data insights obtained from your time logs in easy to read visual reports. The billable hours are broken down and the reports can be customized according to your individual preferences.

Team Management

If you have been managing a large team, Clockify helps you specify the individual hourly rates for each team member and see their time usage.


Clockify is free to use and the software supports an unlimited number of projects and users.

Along with these amazing time tracking tools, we would also like to bring in a wild card entry –


Traqq is a user-friendly and lightweight time tracking app that is ideal for freelancers and startup businesses. It is one of the few time trackers that promotes ethical employee monitoring.


Online and Offline Time Tracking

Traqq keeps logging time even when you don’t have an internet connection. The app syncs your data once you’re back online.

Monitor Productivity the Ethical Way

The app takes random screenshots and video recordings of a user’s desktop. Even so, it protects the person’s privacy by reducing the quality of the captured images. The screenshots are blurred to the extent that would prevent sensitive information (passwords and private messages) from becoming legible.

Detailed Stats and Timesheets

Traqq allows managers to measure and analyze the activity levels and productivity of everyone in their team. What’s more, it records work hours, allowing you to optimize your company’s profitability and performance.


Traqq has a free version that is perfect for freelancers and teams of up to three members. The free package comes will all premium features available. If you’re working with a bigger team, you can opt for the Premium Teams package, which costs $6 per seat per month. Organizations that need Traqq for over 100 seats can contact the sales team for a customized plan.


Time tracking software can be one of the most valuable tools in the modern professional and remote freelancer’s kit today. These apps help you manage your time well while minimizing distractions. The result is higher profitability at work and greater overall productivity.

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