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Anatomy Of A Happy Productive Office – infographics

Happy and Productive Office
The office can be a place where a lot of people spend a lot of hours. How to make employees’ time most productive and simultaneously most pleasant? There are endless innovations to improve working conditions in any office.

  • Nature always helps

Even a short glimpse at a blooming flower or a swift interaction with a colorful fish floating gently in an exotic aquarium will relax tensions and reconnect humans with beneficial peace of mind. Pot flowers placed around the office will help people relax and smile more often. Big, elegant pictures with natural landscapes, like waterfalls, green fields or trees instantly evoke deeper breath and relaxation.

  • Movement is life

Organizing office routines in a special way to encourage plenty of exercises is vital. Any occasion to stop staring at a screen, stand up and circulate brings good effects for the body. At a standing desk, the body will naturally make a lot more various movements than while sitting.

  • Communication matters

A quick and effective float of information solves many problems, saves time and money. Any way that works is good. If people enjoy using social media to communicate, why not adopt these tools for office purposes?

  • Effective meetings

We have all been to boring and pointless meetings, however, meetings can be effective and fun. When time is limited to a quarter; when points are vivid and a few, and when people are standing instead of sitting. If also the meeting is held before lunch it is even better. People will remember the info given and will leave energized.

  • Flexibility

Working hours do not need to be rigid. People like choosing when they want to work. Sometimes, shorter periods of work can bring more powerful effects. Some workers prefer early mornings in an office, others love to stay till late. The more the options, the better the outcomes.
For more tips to make employees motivated and, thus, to raise the productivity of your company check the infographic, provided by FaxBurner
Anatomy of a Happy Office - infographics | Business Magazine

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