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Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are highly sought after, especially among avid fans of online slot machine games.

These gambling offers and promos are a great option to stretch your bankroll for maximum play; besides, most of them are generous. Most casinos offer a bonus pack to their players right from the get-go, with what is known as a welcome bonus. These packages come in parts, usually one for each deposit made within the first week on the site. For players who stay until after, a number of other bonus offers will be available.
But the real question is, how does one maximize these sizeable freebies and make the most profit out of them?

Tip # 1 – Select a Suitable Strategy

Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Casino BonusesNo matter what game you’re planning to spend your bonuses on, it’s always a good idea to have a strategy in place. From table games to slot games, each has its winning formula that can help maximize your bankroll and effectively use your bonuses. Additionally, you can also identify which offers suit your gameplay, gambling tastes, and financial capabilities. Another good option is to look for no-deposit bonuses.

Tip #2 – Pick a Suitable Slot Variance

If you’re an avid fan of slot games, you’ll already know that slot games come in several variances or “loose-ness”. This is a measure of how frequently a machine or game offers a payout for a single betting session. Low variance games drop wins more frequently but in smaller amounts. Medium variance machines have a slightly larger payout but don’t award wins as often. Higher variance ones have a substantially high payout, but wins are sparser. As a rule of thumb, spend your bonuses on low or medium variance games to ensure that you have the highest chances of a payout with a decent amount.

Tip #3 – Assess the Wagering Requirements

Another important factor often overlooked when claiming bonuses is their wagering requirements, also known as rollover. These are a set of rules that a player must abide by in order to claim all profits at the end of the bonus. Go for a bonus with a lower wagering provision. A smaller turnover means that you spend less to enjoy the benefits of the promo or offer. Another good thing to look at is the percentage of contribution of each game towards this requirement. Most slot games contribute 100% to the wagering, while table games are between 3% to 5%, depending on the game and its table limits.

Tip #4 – Check the Validity & Rules

Aside from the rollover, bonuses also come with a few other rules, as well as a validity period. Most bonus offers are subject to the casino’s general terms and conditions. They may also impose limits on how many times an account holder can claim a bonus. As for validity, most welcome packages are valid for a week, but you may also find the occasional 30-day validity ones from time to time.

Tip #5 – Select only Bonuses You Will Use

Another thing players do that gets them in hot soup at casinos is claiming way too many bonuses than they can handle. Yes, casinos do have a variety of offers listed on their sites. But that doesn’t mean you need to claim them all. Take a careful look at the bonus you want to claim, do a quick investment vs. profit analysis and take into account any wagering requirements before you claim a bonus. This way, you wouldn’t end up spending more to match the rollover than you’ve profited off the bonus.

Tip #6 – Scout Out Seasonal Offers

Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Casino BonusesCasinos often have special promotions and bonus offers during holidays or special occasions. Since they are awarded rarely, they are not to be taken for granted. So, keeping an eye on the promotions section of the chosen casino from time to time and subscribing to newsletters will prove beneficial to get the most profitable bonuses.

Final Words

The best way to squeeze your bonuses to the last drop is through meticulous planning and careful spending. Only then will you be able to sweep away the maximum profits that your casino game has to offer. Be extra wary of any additional rules, regulations, and requirements, as well as the validity period of your offer to ensure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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