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United Airlines offers Pilots Up to 40% Pay Rise in $10 Billion Deal

A settlement that United Airlines has made with its pilots might result in total pay increases of up to 40% for them.

The pact, which will last for four years, was revealed by the Air Line Pilots Association on Saturday. According to the ALPA’s news release, the arrangement will be worth an estimated $10 billion.

According to sources, pilots would earn salary increases ranging from 13.8% to 18.7% when they sign the deal, for a total rise of slightly over 40%.

The historic agreement also includes provisions for better work-life balance, job security, workplace standards, retirement, benefits, and other things. The adjustments will impact 16,000 United pilots, according to the union.

The airline’s pilots’ unity during the course of the four years of discussions, according to Garth Thompson of United’s ALPA section, was “instrumental in achieving this historic agreement.”

Representatives from United confirmed the four-year agreement to Insider and stated that it would result in “meaningful pay raises and quality of life improvements for our pilots.”

In a “highly competitive job market,” United Airlines announced in June that it wanted to hire more than 7,000 aeroplane mechanics to address a predicted shortfall. Additionally, the carrier unveiled a 36-month apprenticeship programme.

After a storm disrupted flights inexplicably last month, leaving travellers delayed at Newark airport, United came under fire. On the same day that CEO Scott Kirby took a private aeroplane out of New Jersey, some 750 flights were cancelled.

Since post-pandemic travel resumed, there has been an ongoing pilot shortage in the US. The sector was allegedly 8,000 pilots short as of September 2022, and that figure may increase to 30,000 by 2025.

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