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Kristen Weardon | Life Enrichment Coach | Business Consultant

Kristen Weardon: Symbolizing Resolute Leadership

Some qualities of staunch business leaders are communication skills allowing you to convey a vision and strategy effectively; emotional intelligence, allowing you to manage your own emotions and understand the feelings of others; and continuous improvement allowing you to embrace your own leadership by seeking improvement in your own performance.

Most people admire the exceptional attributes of Kristen Weardon, including honesty, integrity and confidence. She exhibits these attributes in her everyday approach through her life coaching program, Wisdom with Kristen, which helps individuals instill these values.

Kristen Weardon is a certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker specializing in helping her clients, who are willing to put in the hard work, transition in months (rather than years) to live purposeful, joy-filled lives while sculpting career goals. Kristen had to overcome life-altering business and personal decisions of her own, and being certified as a life coach has given her the tools to help others do the same.

Today, Kristen offers individual services, group programs, and seminars. Her focus is on helping clients connect the dots with coping skills and regrouping steps. When she was working with the WIN Foundation, she brought innovative products and business models to help create sustainable and scalable social impact.

In this day and age, when life changes so quickly, having a well-thought-out perspective with a well-mapped-out plan can set realistic goals. Kristen’s proactive methods assist others in sorting out the nonentities and embarking on the horizons of success. Kristen’s dynamic personality and wide-ranging contacts translate into unique and often unexpected opportunities for clients and those seeking focus in life. She is a high-energy super-connector rather than a mere networker.

Kristen excels at connecting people with the best options available, whether it’s buying a new home, starting a business, or making proactive, personal decisions. It isn’t just a job to her; it’s a passion. Known as Naples’ ‘rainmaker’ who creates energy, connections, and success stories wherever she goes, Kristen’s work in motivational healing, business development, real estate transactions and philanthropy are all guided by one overarching approach.

An Epitome of Resolute Leadership

Kristen works with a ‘whole life’ approach to help her clients visualize and achieve their goals in whatever area of life those may be.

Kristen uses her experience as a marketing and training executive in real estate and her expertise in life experiences as a philanthropist and humanitarian to teach others the importance of motivation.

In business situations, she directs the company’s vision towards developing a collaborative culture. In personal situations, she can assist to navigate through and connect the dots to their future & goals. Throughout the past thirty years, Kristen has dedicated her life to serving others working with charities like PACE Collier and the WIN Foundation, she also chaired and hosted numerous events for countless other charities from The Center for Missing and Exploited Children with now Florida Senator Kathleen Passidomo, to Cancer Alliance Naples which was founded by family friend Jerry Conti.

Kristen prides herself on aiding to promote emotional health, personal self-esteem and empowerment by providing recovery programs, conferences, training programs and fundraisers.

Surmounting the Adversities

One challenge that Kristen had to overcome was the disastrous loss of her house from Hurricane Ian. The malleability of emotions (from fear to sadness) made Kristen overcome and prepare for the long road to recovery. With Kristen’s resilience, determination and positive mindset, she relates this experience to her everyday coaching of clients who have encountered tragedies or endured losses.

During the mortgage crisis in 2008, Kristen decided to take a step back from real estate when the opportunity arose to become a spokesperson for the WIN Foundation and help educate those who have been through abuse and aid them in recovery. This created her passion for helping others through many obstacles and overcoming their life challenges.

This led Kristen to her philanthropic nature, and she even went a step further, becoming a certified teacher for The Win Foundation. Kristen now has several certifications and licensing in the life and business coaching arena, including Life Coach Universe™, the Lefko method™, Tony Robbins Strategic intervention, Eagles Impact Coaching and is a Grant Cardone business training licensee.

Through her vast experience in speaking to various groups, from five hundred people to small lunch-ins, she learns how they can become unstuck and find joy in their lives doing what they love. Kristen’s genuine passion for helping people through life coaching and business strategy consulting offers new techniques. It helps make those transitions a success story rather than heartbreak.

Manifesting Significant Impact

Kristen has been impacting the niche through her ability to provide clarity and purpose through her diverse background. With her experiences through traveling the world, Kristen comprehends a vast variety of cultures. She relates in a variety of ways by understanding the different cultures and creating a purpose in the communities with helpful insights.

Setting clear goals and objectives can help direct you and give you an understanding of the goals that are crucial in achieving desired outcomes with Kristen’s support. It aligns everyone’s focus and effort to help you implement a system to drive betterment.

Embarking Upon the Horizons

Kristen envisions herself enhancing her capabilities in the long run by continuously learning and adapting to contribute positively to society with her leadership and determination.

By engaging in more public speaking, and private events through monthly masterminds, live engagements, and in-person coaching sessions, Kristen plans to approach each individual to help them prosper, grow, and learn to live their joy to the fullest. “Together, we will develop an action map of real, attainable steps to move you closer to your bigger vision. One-on-one meetings can be set up to be face-to-face or by Facetime, to fit into your schedule. My job is to make sure you are on track in hitting your goals and to offer tools and resources that you can use to move to the next step in your plan,” says Kristen.

On the horizon, Kristen will be launching a podcast, Wisdom Warriors with Kristen, and the TV show coming this Summer, The Kristen Weardon TV Show – America’s #1 Expert for Health, Wealth and Relationships will be streaming on the SUTV App weekly and her YouTube Channel.

Indulging in the Pearls of Wisdom

Kristen’s naturally uplifting personality develops exceptional opportunities producing fantastic relationships with her network for her clients.

As a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, Kristen says, “Develop a solid business plan that outlines your goals, objectives and strategies. Be passionate about your chosen path. The more passionate you are, the more success you will achieve. Know your purpose and mission statement to develop a business plan.”

As a coach, Kristen’s guidance is based on her experience and training to create goals and offer techniques that are the most effective in changing old limiting patterns of the past.