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Unit4: Innovative people-centric software

In an interview with Insights Success, Yujin Evered LeeRegional President APAC of Unit4 shares the contribution of Unit4 to the people through its software products. Unit4 is present in 26 countries. It is headquartered in The Netherlands with a regional APAC headquarters in Singapore. In Asia Pacific, we have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Sydney and Indonesia. We work with partners in other regions and have customers in almost any countries in APAC.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Yujin Evered Lee with Insights Success.
Give a brief overview of your company. 
Unit4 is in business for people. We’ve specialized in software products for services organizations, where people make the difference, since the early 1980s.
Today, we build the smartest enterprise applications on the planet. Our technology is central to the organizations we serve – it improves efficiency and productivity and allows people to spend more time on meaningful work. Using the latest AI, machine learning and digital technologies, our customers can make more sense of business-critical data than ever before.
Our cloud ERP, financial management, corporate performance management and localized HRMS software with industry-focused solutions, generate rapid value in the strategic processes of organizations from sectors including professional services, higher education, public services, not-for-profit and others – helping each person to create better value for themselves, their organization and their customers.
Some of our Key Products in APAC:

  • Unit4 Business World, our flagship ERP suite for mid-sized and large services-intensive organizations;
  • Unit4 Prosoft HRMS, our award winning human resource management and payroll software.
  • Unit4 Prevero, our powerful corporate performance management solution
  • Unit4 PSA Suite, our professional services platform

Tell us about your company’s products and services. 
Unit4 Business World is a uniquely people-centered ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution. It delivers a fully integrated suite of enterprise applications and technologies that improve people’s daily work lives by reducing or even removing lower-value admin tasks. Business World boosts institutional effectiveness and promotes financial transparency. It is easy to deploy, highly adaptable when business-needs change, and less expensive to maintain than traditional “production-centered” ERP systems.
Unit4 Prosoft HRMS is a seamless human resource management solution. From hiring to retiring including functionalities to enable, reward, develop and retain employees, Unit4 Prosoft helps HR departments to track, manage and analyze their talent through the entire employee life-cycle.
Unit4 Prevero is an integrated corporate performance management software (CPM) transforms complex financial data into clear real-time insights for clarity of reporting and planning. It allows business teams and decision-makers the ability to make better, faster business decisions with total confidence and clarity.
Unit4 PSA Suite offers a full end-to-end solution for Professional Services Organizations or service divisions in other sectors. Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, it is pre-tailored for a range of key industries and enables efficient joined up working across the front- and backoffice, so your people can focus on what really matters to your organization and deliver superior project management and service to your clients.
How services offered by your company are designed to give access to right technology at right time? 
Unit4 Software is built in the “People Platform” this means it is designed for people and to be easy to use and highly customizable and configurable. Most of the Unit4 software functionality can be configured without complicated coding and internal configurations can be easily setup and changed by the admin users themselves. This helps our customers to consistently reduce the TCO and minimize changes post implementation.
What are the innovative approaches are adapted by the company to improve the quality of solutions? 
Unit4 Digital Assistant: Wanda is the world’s first true Enterprise Digital Assistant. Wanda works for finance decision makers by keeping all their data and indicators at their fingertips, and for consultants through intuitive and visual tools including status monitoring and mixed planning approaches, gap analysis and strategic initiatives.
Micro-services architecture: The Unit4 Architecture is more foundation than platform. It is extensible through offering the customer micro-services rather than customising the software application itself or even extending the platform. This allows Unit4 greater control. It also enables Unit4 customers and partners to add functionality cleanly without the risk of issues during future upgrades of the core software.
Where does company name see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals? 
Having built its foundation architecture, Unit4 is now delivering the extensibility tools for its customers to build apps on top of it. We hope to build a compelling marketing message that tells more customers of the value that Unit4 can offer including scalability and flexibility underpinned by our strong enterprise solutions.
This year we’re more committed to customer success than ever before, and we’ll continue our mission to help more customers generate strategic value through our solutions. We continue to invest in our People Platform micro-services architecture, and at the same time deliver new self-driving user experiences with simpler user access to our solutions through innovations like Wanda. We have also recently extended our HCM offering through the strategic acquisition of Intuo. Together our state-of-the-art performance management with Unit4 Prevero, we offer a strong proposition for services and people-centric organizations
Client Testimonials 

  • Farrer Park Hospital: “Unit4 Prosoft has a user-friendly portal…I appreciate the prompt system updates – especially those on the automatic application of (Singapore’s) legislation. Unit4 has proven to be a valuable partner and is responsive to our needs.”
  • Go-Ahead Singapore: “Prosoft HRMS has been a fantastic choice. Our HR and finance teams have experienced an increase in efficiency and productivity.”

About the Leader 
Yujin Evered was appointed to lead Unit4’s Asia Pacific regional operations in 2018. Based in Singapore, she is responsible for the company’s regional growth and customer success.
Yujin has spent all of her career in enterprise software, including 12 years with Oracle in Korea, Singapore, and Australia. During her time with Oracle she worked on many transformational and strategic projects and held various leadership roles before deciding to permanently relocate to Singapore. Since moving back, Yujin held several senior positions including at Hewlett-Packard, Dell Software, and Software AG. Born in Korea and educated in Canada, Yujin speaks English and Korean.