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TechSmith: Enabling Effective Communication through Visuals

Most people struggle to communicate precisely and effectively. TechSmith helps individuals and businesses create and share engaging visuals that simplify knowledge sharing. Best known for screen capture, TechSmith has spent the last 30 years developing industry-leading software that helps millions of people easily create highquality images and videos for better communication.
Growing Ideas and Pushing Boundaries 
Initially, TechSmith set out to make software to use internally. As it turned out, the ability to capture a computer screen and share it with others had a wide appeal, and TechSmith continued to grow that idea ever since. Listening to customers, designing new concepts, and pushing the boundaries of what screen capture software can do has led TechSmith to create tools that are wellloved around the world. Significant investments in R&D, matched with the company’s curious nature and customer interactions provided TechSmith with a wealth of insights and innovation around building tools that help others clearly inform, train, and educate. Its overall success can be attributed to being an ever-learning organization. TechSmith has an engaged user base to have conversations with, which helps TechSmith develop exciting ways to bring this technology into the next iteration of what screen capture and recording can do.
Proven Leadership 
Today, TechSmith is the world’s number one source for visual communication software. This is the result of efforts of its elite team — including Tony Dunckel. Before joining TechSmith, Tony gained experience through software development and product management roles for Fortune 500 companies EDS and Fidelity National Financial. Since joining TechSmith in 2002, Tony has helped drive growth and direction of the organization in several key areas, including senior product management and P&L roles. Currently, as the VP of Product Strategy and Market Solutions, he develops TechSmith’s enterprise education business and helps push the organization to take a broader, more holistic view on how TechSmith can add value for their customers.
Enabling Anyone to Create Impactful Videos & Images 
TechSmith makes it simple for anyone to record what’s on their devices. Its award-winning screen recording software includes Snagit, Camtasia, and Relay. Snagit captures screenshots of all types — including specific regions, scrolling, and panoramic captures — and includes image editing features and screen recording capability to show and explain exactly what’s on screen. Camtasia provides powerful screen recording and video editing, including quizzing and captions functionality to create engaging video lessons. Relay is a video creation and sharing platform that helps maximize student engagement in online and blended learning courses. With its easy to use web-based recorder, Relay lets faculty, staff, and students record and watch ADA-accessible videos right within the LMS, with no additional login. Powerful analytics and quizzing enable instructors to measure engagement and send results automatically to the LMS gradebook. Students can watch any time, from any computer or mobile device for personalized and secure elearning.
In addition, TechSmith offers two mobile applications, TechSmith Fuse and TechSmith Capture, which let anyone capture real-time footage and device screens for flexible teaching and learning.
A Simplified Approach 
TechSmith believes that the best software must be easy to use. Snagit and Camtasia are well-known for being the go-to programs that everyone loves to keep on their desktop to easily capture images of their screens and make instructional videos. Relay has the same founding premise — a simple yet powerful way to create, organize, and share educational videos. Since it integrates with learning management systems (LMS) and records easily from a web browser, it fits in with existing faculty workflows. Relay is also quick to learn, so instructors can use it right away, without all the sit-down training typically needed to learn complicated systems.
With accessibility a top concern in higher education, more institutions are making it a priority to ensure online programs meet ADA guidelines. Relay provides multiple ways to make sure course videos are accessible. Human captioning options with 3Play Media, in-house human captioning workflows, and a highly-accurate autocaptioning engine help ensure compliance. A WCAG 2.0 AA compliant video player makes sure the student experience is accessible, and audio description track support ensures instructors can reach all learners.
Always Listen to Your Customers 
TechSmith listens to its customers to find out how it can best proactively solve their ever-evolving challenges. Especially in higher education, the company puts these considerations first when building its products, so that the resulting solution truly fits their needs.
TechSmith approaches its customer and user engagement in several ways, including customer advisory boards which help create two-way communication channels. These interactions allow TechSmith to share ideas and plans with customers and get feedback. More importantly, they allow TechSmith to listen to the challenges customers face, often revealing key opportunities to help them achieve their educational ambitions TechSmith also listens to customers through its strong investment and belief in its customer success model. This aligns TechSmith product experts who typically have educational backgrounds with its customers. These product experts are dedicated to sharing how to use the technology, how best to apply the technology, and simultaneously listen throughout that process for issues and gaps they recognize. In the end, these types of interactions create the two-way relationships which TechSmith views as mission critical to stay true partners with its customers.
Outcome-driven Approach 
TechSmith is making significant new investments in both its products and services for the education market. In staying true to its core values, Relay will continue to offer the most user-friendly and effective video platform for increasing student engagement. Ultimately, the company is evolving in terms of how it understands success for its customers by taking a more outcomes-driven approach, and in doing so, aiming to help them achieve their most important educational goals.