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Understanding The Importance Of Perimeter Security Systems 

Security and protecting your establishment are top concerns for businesses and property owners. In accordance to protect employees, customers, and assets, it’s essential to have a comprehensive security system in place. One of the most critical elements of any security system is perimeter security. Perimeter security systems help keep unwanted visitors out and protect your property from potential damage and vandalism. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of perimeter security and the different types of systems available today. 

Perimeter security manufacturer, Hormann, has helped create this blog post entailing everything you need to know about this kind of security system.

What exactly is a perimeter security system?

A perimeter security system refers to systems in place to protect a building site’s perimeter by preventing unauthorized access. Examples include security bollards, barriers, and gates. When you run a business, security should be your top-level concern. Luckily, having a perimeter security system makes it easier to manage, so you can get on with the other essential parts of running a business. 

Let’s dive into some of the different types of perimeter security and how they function to protect businesses.

Security bollards 

Security bollards are an incredibly effective way to protect your building. They guard against unauthorized access and potential intruders and act as a deterrent for crime. They are designed to restrict entry via vehicle into a building. It means you can choose when to allow cars into your building and lower your risk of a vehicle-based attack. 

Here are a few of the benefits that security bollards bring summed up:

  • Reduces risk of vehicle-based attack due to physical deterrent
  • Can control entry into your building
  • Different kinds of bollards mean you can choose which suits your business needs.
  • Deters criminals

 High-security barriers 

High-security barriers are typically made out of metal or concrete and are very effective in adding extra protection to your property. If you need extra security for a particular area, having one of these barriers is a fantastic way to do this. These barriers act as a deterrent to prevent unwanted vehicles from entering the premises. 

These barriers are perfect for susceptible areas that need extra protection.

Sliding gates 

Sliding gates on your premises is a great way to improve your security. Alongside the visual deterrent gates offer, they allow you to block and allow access where necessary quickly—making them an efficient, convenient, and simple security measure to have installed. 

The benefits of perimeter security 

Now you know three effective types of security, we’ve summed up a few key benefits for you too.

  • Visual deterrent
  • Anti-terrorist
  • Keep intruders out
  • Prevents vandalism and theft
  • Protects your building

We hope this guide to these security measures was helpful. If you own a business, it’s essential to consider installing these features to help keep everyone and everything safe.

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