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UK Job Market Research Reveals the Jobs That Unemployed People Need to Take Advantage Of

With more professionals looking to upskill, it is important to diversify your skills for multiple industries. You do not want to get stuck in one field that may be unprogressive or tightly competitive with no room for your abilities.
Despite the surge in UK job availability, more people are also in search of jobs. You are not alone and so must leverage CPD benefits to edge others. Even as an employee, it is perfectly okay to learn new skills such that if you are given a new task, you can seamlessly adapt and get going.
As an aspiring applicant, what jobs are there for you in the UK? CPD Standards is sharing their Glassdoor analysis, which you can click here to see more of the most popular 2021 jobs in further detail. From the survey, you will also learn about the UK areas with the most job availability you can take advantage of to pay your bills.
What Vacancies Are Being Available the Most?

  • Registered nurses.

It does not come as a surprise that many medical professionals are currently needed to bolster the health sector. This is as a result of the UK lockdown experiences and the government’s quick response to resolve the situation. The survey shows medical professionals lead the chart with 4.32% vacancies available for registered nurses.

  • Janitorial staff.

Many businesses would have locked up from the bricks and gone virtual. However, operational businesses must ensure hygiene in a fight against COVID. This is also in the attempt to remain compliant with health standards. Following the Glassdoor survey, the janitorial staff makes up 2.35% of available jobs.

  • Digital marketing representatives and marketing managers

Making 1.97% and 2% of available jobs, respectively, Digital marketing representatives and marketing managers are surging in demand. More buyers prefer to shop online, and businesses need to secure the leads without traditional house visits now a thing of the past.

  • Nannies.

After the recent lockdown, the impact leaves parents in need of professionals to look after their children, especially with the reduction in UK free childcare placements. This means parents have to look after their children and work at the same time. However, parents are choosing to invest in nannies, which surges the role by up to 1.79%.

  • Private tutors.

COVID restricts children from receiving lessons for some months, which parents need to make up for. In this case, parents are investing in private tutors to make up for the lost period. A survey also shows 62 percent of UK parents invested in private home tutors for their children sitting the 11-plus examination for entry into grammar school.
UK Areas with the Most Job Opportunities
Both the UK North and South are seeing a surge in the number of companies providing jobs. According to CPD Standards gathered from Glassdoor UK, London is offering 27.85% of available jobs. Three Northern cities, Leeds, Manchester, and Glasgow, are also combining for 34% of available roles in the UK.
How CPD Prepares You for These Roles
You could be academically ready for the most available UK job roles. However, with continuing professional development, you stand to benefit in the following ways:

  1. CPD Guides You to Make Informed Decisions

CPD does not only train you to do; you can as well be able to make informed decisions you can pull off professionally. You need a guide that keeps you focused or that lets you pick the path most suitable for your professional future.

  1. Confidence with No Pro Experience

You must be confident at the job. Before you even get into the job, recruiting agents want to be assured, and your level of confidence plays a huge role in this regard. Suppose you are applying for any of the available positions in the UK. You are looking at showing the employer more of ‘you can do’ than ‘you will learn.’

  1. CPD is an Established Recognition

CPD is indeed standard as it is globally recognised and several professions, including medical, require you to satisfy certain requirements which continuing professional development offers.

  1. CPD Teaches Newly Relevant Topics

Unless you prefer it to be stagnant, you want to progress professionally. You want a portfolio that can earn you even bigger opportunities. Of course, employers love trendy professionals, someone they can be confident can do the job with respect to trends. They need to be sure you can be innovative and capable of solving problems. These and many more are packed in CPD courses, in which you can participate virtually.

Employers Are Also at the Receiving End of CPD Benefits

Like employees, employers need CPD integrated into their operations. Continuing professional development can aid your business in the following ways:

  • Continuing Professional Development Ensures Employee Feeling of Fulfillment.
    To make employees get that impression of being fulfilled, you can integrate CPD and monitor how it engages your workforce using HR systems. You also want to know when to tweak, make changes or introduce new flexible courses that turn out to be investments helping employee growth and positively influencing their performance.
  • Get the Workforce to Work.
    You ought to boost your staff morale to keep the business on the competitive edge. By investing in CPD, you are encouraging your workforce, making them feel valued, and, of course, getting them dedicated to working.
  • Trained Staff Only.
    You must ensure to train your staff to meet business demands—the more trained your staff, the better skills they possess to get the job done.
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