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Ubertesters: A Professional Testing SDK and Revolutionary Cloud Platform for Business

Besides serving hundreds of customers globally, Ubertesters offers a complete range of testing solution for digital products to help organizations launch a well-tested product. The company was established by Ran Rachlin (CEO) and Alexey Chalimov (CTO) in 2013. Headquartered in US, with R&D centers in Israel and Ukraine, Ubertesters offers a complete solution for manual testing for its clients, from large enterprises to small startups.
Exclusive Services of Ubertesters
Ubertesters offers a robust platform to help companies manage the process of the entire product testing cycle, including internal QA teams, and offers a crowd testing service for hire of global and professional expertise with devices.
Product: Robust, end-to-end platform to manage the complete beta testing process along with the entire team. The platform offers Over-the-air build distribution, and Full bug reporting tool from within the app itself, including edited screenshots. It also offers full video recording of the last 2 minutes before the reported bug/crash, test cases support, full team management, Device and Build management, Session tracking to monitor what each tester does in each session and Bug-tracking-system as well as integration with third party (Jira, Mantis, HPQC, etc).
Service: It offers solutions for crowds of global testers on-demand, and professional expert testers with mobile devices/PCs to test any digital work on real life conditions. It also allows scaling the QA efforts and reducing the cost and overhead.
An Ace Entrepreneur
Ran Rachlin is the Co-founder and CEO of Ubertesters. He is a senior executive with extensive global experience in managing and leading new initiatives from inception to implementation stage as well as boosting sales and  managing large global organizations. He proudly holds a MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance.
By leveraging his experience, Ran has guided the company splendidly by overcoming the challenges and has also won numerous awards for Ubertesters. Prior to Ubertesters, he was the CEO of General Engineers (The Israeli arm of GE), the EVP and CEO of Mul-T-Lock, and before that he acted as the CEO of Silicom Inc (NASDAQ: SILC).
An Exceptional Player
Ubertesters is the only company to offer a solution for both of the pains that mobile development companies are facing today, thereby making it an exceptional player in the market. They offer solutions for crowds of global testers on demand with the help of Resources, and a robust platform to manage the entire mobile testing process and internal QA teams with Tools.
According to Ubertesters, the competition either offers a crowd of testers such as Applause and TestBirds or a set of tools such as TestFlight, HockeyApp, Crashlytics, which includes crash reports and builds distribution only.
The Ubertesters platform offers much more than crash reporting. In addition to the platform, the company offers a crowd of experienced, global, professional testers with devices to help companies test the app in profound way prior to launching it. While the competition offers solutions for only some of the steps along the way, with Ubertesters the entire testing process can be managed by using one dashboard and one provider.
Strategies to Tackle Challenges
The journey of Ubertesters is extremely exciting to say the least and they are proud to refer itself as, “We are a profitable company serving hundreds of customers.” There were many hurdles during the journey of Ubertesters, but the main challenge was acquiring clients during its early stage, without the brand recognition they have today. Further, there were some technological challenges to continue and improve the product, using new technologies and find solutions for new challenges that their clients were facing.
The ‘In Demand Complete Solution’
Ubertesters have a complete solution for beta application testing and also helps with the QA beta testing process. The ALM tool of the company helps other companies to properly test their apps in the pre-production phase and makes sure that a well-tested app is launched. The tool allows the organization to test the product using different types of beta teams such as in-house QA people, VIP users, beta testers, remote employees etc. The tool also has a seamless bug reporting method, which allows the novice user to send a complete bug report.
The Perfect Solution to Address new Challenges
According to Ubertesters, the app economy has created new challenges for the mobile organization. When analyzing their QA efforts such as, the hiring of bulk testers, has signalled the need for a global solution. The huge diversity of the mobile market resulted in a true need to test the app with many devices/OS in different countries and some other carriers, thus, creating the need for a large ‘matrix.’
The new processes created a need for a new set of tools to handle this unique mobile environment. With many in-house QAs and external testers spread globally, many builds prior to the launch, lots of required devices, combine existing tools, and more have created a need for a single tool that allow OTA build distribution, controlled build management, in-house QA management and external QAs management, device management, crash reports, bug-reporting-system, integration with bug-tracking-system, etc. Thus, the Ubertesters solution is the perfect solution to address these new challenges that the app economy has created.
Future Take of Ubertesters
The Ubertesters platform was chosen by HPE Software to be included as part of the ‘Mobile Center’ solution (the HPE ALM product). Thus, the HPE Mobile center users have the ability to use the Ubertesters platform as part of the Mobile Center license.
Ubertesters will continue to invest large engineering efforts in adding more great features to its ALM solution based on customers’ feedback. Some of their future technological vision include; “Live” SDK for crashes & Analytics in production mode, Automatic testing support, and QA schools partnership.
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