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Bruce Magown | CEO | Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave | SMARTSolutions

Turning Software Puzzles into Seamless Solutions: Bruce Magown’s Integration Odyssey

Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave SMARTSolutions, a company that has revolutionized the world of CRM integration stands out as a true pioneer, redefining the way businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences.

In a world where businesses grapple with an array of software applications, each with its own unique complexities, InterWeave SMARTSolutions offer innovative and highly customizable SaaS solutions tailored to meet the distinctive needs of its clients.

In the realm of CRM integration, where success hinges on adaptability and customization, Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies, and his team have taken a client-centric approach that has redefined industry standards. Bruce is on a journey through the world of InterWeave SMARTSolutions, where innovation, flexibility and creativity are the cornerstones of their success.

Let’s delve into Bruce’s unique approach to CRM integration and his commitment to putting clients first!

Unlocking CRM Potential

Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave SMARTSolutions is a pioneering company in the field of CRM integration. They offer innovative and highly customizable SaaS solutions that address the unique needs of their customers.

With a focus on business process and workflow selection at the object level, InterWeave SMARTSolutions provides seamless integrations for systems like Salesforce, Creatio, QuickBooks, Sage and MS Dynamics. The company’s approach emphasizes meeting customer requirements and delivering exceptional service and support. By redefining its technology and rebranding its image, Integration Technologies has established a strong market presence and continues to prioritize customer needs and provide innovative solutions.

When enterprises need to fulfill a varied set of business requirements, disparate software applications must work together to produce a unified set of functionalities. Organizations encounter many challenges when dealing with so many different applications. One of the most difficult yet common problems is that some of these applications are based on proprietary standards and others are built with open standards, resulting in enterprises hiring bigger teams with varied backgrounds just to handle different software.

Introducing InterWeave–the SmartIntegration Platform built by Integration Technologies, that intelligently integrates CRM, Financial Applications, Payments and Multi-Cloud Solutions for entire organizations. Established in 2006 by Founder and CEO, Bruce F. Magown, InterWeave, provides a SaaS, IaaS Integration Service.

Zooming In on Integration

The company’s mission is to provide innovative and customized solutions that address the unique needs of its customers. What sets InterWeave apart is its unique approach to SaaS integration. The company offers a SaaS, hosted Solution that is based on configurable business process/workflow selection at the object level, providing each customers Integration Solutions specific to their needs.

A prime example of this approach is the Salesforce and Creatio integration with Sage Intacct. InterWeave replicates Sage Intacct transactional data at the object level in the CRM, then presents it in a configurable form with typically the sales administrator and controller in a Zoom meeting.

In the meeting, the InterWeave team reviews the customer’s selections related to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and then chooses from over 300 configurable options to tailor the integration to their specific business processes and workflows. This highly customized SaaS solution is completely customized to the customer’s requirements and may be updated at any time during the subscription year.

The Heart of InterWeave: Putting Clients First

At InterWeave, customers are not just buying software—they are entering a relationship with a company dedicated to helping them enable and align their businesses with flexible, cost-effective and intuitive technology.

The company’s core values revolve around a client-focused approach, where customers are treated to the highest standards of service and support. InterWeave understands that its clients are the driving force behind its success and the entire team is committed to treating them with the utmost care and respect.

InterWeave personnel assist with every customer’s configuration during their subscription year. Bruce shares, “It’s these engagements, where we learn more about the customer and additionally provide training on new features, answer questions regarding advanced business processes and workflow and primarily—listen.”

He also adds, “We have learned that if a company operates in a client-focused approach and ensures that all are treated to the highest possible standards of service and support, then the business will grow.”

Sculpting SaaS Solutions

They utilize the 8-Step Document, the InterWeave Survey and the Solution Planner—SOLUTION DEFINITION – The SmartIntegration Platform, which provides integration insight into what the customer is looking for. In the Zoom meetings, they review the Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable selections the customer has made, then select from over 300 configurable options to conform to their specific business process and workflow. The solution is completely customized to the customer’s requirements and being a SaaS Solution, additions, updates, and new selections are available with their yearly subscription.

From Ideas to Integration

A picture is worth a thousand words. A small example of the over 300 configurable options when integrating the CRM with clients’ Financial Accounting System. This is how the customer defines their business process and workflow for their Integration.

Unifying Clouds

InterWeave provides a unique multi-cloud strategy, where one cloud vendor integrates a host organization’s data, applications, or infrastructure into a single environment. InterWeave takes this to the next level, by integrating multiple cloud computing platforms and presents them as a single unified architecture. InterWeave supports public, private and hybrid clouds, or a combination of these to meet specific workload requirements for our customers.

Bruce comments, “The way we do this is InterWeave has been resident at Rackspace Managed Hosting for the past seventeen years, without incident. We are additionally cohosted at Trapp Technologies and engaged AWS for worldwide server provisioning.”

Strategic Synergy

When clients create integrated solutions that are specific to their business processes, workflow and customer experience, real-time information flow, tighter employee collaborationimproved strategic decision-making capabilities are achieved,” says Bruce Magown.

Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, InterWeave’s SMARTSolutions require no hardware, software or IT support. They can be deployed in days, and they have the right model for each customer. More importantly, the solutions can be accessed on-demand or deployed on-premises in a company’s data center or hosting provider to meet a wide range of customer needs.

InterWeave integrates its InterWeave Payment Cloud with the InterWeave Customer Portal allowing clients to provide end-customers with the flexibility they need to view their invoices online, update payment methods and make payments while keeping everything organized and automated.

InterWeave works with the client’s CRM vendor and Merchant Services Provider to remove the security concerns for storing sensitive information. Further, the company supports over 48 Merchant Service Providers’ payment methods, including credit card, invoicing and ACH/EFT transactions.

From QuickBooks to Salesforce

Here’s what Jayne Gyorgy, CEO of DeepVac, Inc., one of InterWeave’s clients, had to say about the company’s services. “I have been working with computers since 1985. As a small business owner for the past 25 years, it was only in 1998 that I started to work with QuickBooks. With a few hitches in between, I took my company to the cloud with Salesforce in 2006 and integrated Salesforce with QuickBooks through InterWeave in 2007 and have never looked back.”

She further mentions, “InterWeave has made it possible for smooth integration of my CRM / Scheduling program (Salesforce) and my Financial Management program (QuickBooks). They listened to what I was attempting to accomplish, customized their program to fit my needs and have provided the best customer service since day one that I have encountered in my 31 years of experience with technical support of any kind.”

Tuning into Customer Wisdom

InterWeave’s approach involves collaborating with the best CRM partners to deliver configurable integration Solutions based on best business practices and workflows. However, the true essence of success lies in listening to customers, as they possess invaluable insights and aspirations that can fuel innovation and drive businesses forward.

Magown shares, “Once this is accomplished, the real work begins, which is listening to your customers. They know exactly what they want and will motivate you to provide it.”

Resonate with Success

When asked for advice for aspiring business leaders looking to make a significant impact in their respective industries, Magown emphasizes the importance of listening and innovation. InterWeave’s approach involves collaborating with the best CRM partners to deliver configurable integration Solutions based on best business practices and workflows. However, the true essence of success lies in listening to customers, as they possess invaluable insights and aspirations that can fuel innovation and drive businesses forward.

Flexibility Fuels Creativity

InterWeave fosters a culture of innovation and creativity by providing its people with the flexibility and option to work remotely or onsite. By sourcing its workforce globally, the company embraces diverse perspectives and passions. Magown shares, “Regarding flexibility, if you do what you like, then it’s not work.”

InterWeave recognizes that passion is the driving force behind its employees and this shared drive contributes to its overall success. The company values individuals who have innovation and creativity embedded in their DNA, attracting like-minded professionals who thrive in an environment that encourages exploration and originality.Top of Form