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Trish Stines: Exploring an Uncharted Path to Lead by Example

Not everyone has the strength to persevere through the challenges that present themselves in the workplace. Factors like workload, management and interpersonal relationships can be especially taxing in that regard. This makes resilience perhaps the most essential trait for any business leader to possess.
Challenges are a measure of the strength of an individual as a professional and, even more so, their capacity as a leader. For an astute leader, every failure or challenge is an opportunity to learn.
One such resilient leader who is making great strides in the world of business with her risk-taking attitude, resilience and sharp decision-making abilities is Trish Stines.
Trish is the Vice-President of Client Services at Boostability. She has taken a rather more adventurous “scenic route” in her path of progression than most others at the senior management level.
However, this was entirely by design. Trish believes in taking the path less travelled and considers herself fortunate to have worked in a variety of different roles. She is grateful to the inspiring leaders and mentors through whom she has learned so much throughout her career because they have helped shape her personality.
For Trish, every job offers something new to learn and paves the way for the next big role. She has achieved all she has today by constantly being on the lookout for opportunities, and that has been the driving force of her career.
A Rejuvenating Decision
The capacity to take intelligent risks is another trait that defines the courage, confidence and ambitious nature of a good leader. Trish reflects on how confident she always been in taking risks in life to achieve progressively bigger goals.
Several years ago, Trish took one such risk by leaving a wonderful company that she really loved and at which she had worked for over a decade. That decision was a big leap of faith and pushed Trish quite a distance out of her comfort zone, but it helped rejuvenate her mind and soul, and reminded her to never underestimate the value of what one may learn in any job.
Hiring Right is Critical
As Vice-President, big decisions are a part of Trish’s daily routine. At the forefront of every decision she makes is the classic mantra for business success: “The customer comes first.”
Trish believes that without robust and skilled manpower, it is not possible to meet your customers’ needs or achieve your own professional goals. She has invested in human capital at every company at which she has worked because she considers the workforce to be the most valuable asset for any organization.
To this end, she gives special emphasis on hiring the right talent for Boostability.
Trish works, and encourages other to work, to establish an on-the-job culture where employees can thrive, progress in their roles and build new skillsets for future career endeavors. She is always thrilled to wear the operational hat to focus on productivity and efficiency in order to ensure that Boostability’s processes and support models run as smoothly as possible.
Stimulating Innovation
Trish always encourages her employees to focus on customers first. She has initiated a mentality of “asking is free” to invigorate their minds and trigger innovative thoughts and ideas.
This “asking is free” approach has resulted in developing out-of-the-box thinking among her employees. It has inspired them to take a considerably more innovative approach to the solutions they design, which has led to many professional successes and a boost to their personal self-esteem.
About Boostability
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A Tectonic Shift is Underway
The world is going through a major tectonic shift where women are taking bigger responsibilities in almost every walk of life. Trish hopes that women empower themselves to stand up for what is right, speak up when treated unfairly, and become the voice for those unable to stand up for themselves.
“Women in business bring a unique advantage to the table; we are homemakers, natural caregivers, and relationship cultivators. Women don’t quit. We thrive at creating and sustaining momentum for both ourselves and for others” concludes Trish.

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