The 20 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch 2018 February2018

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“Improving the way the world works and lives.”

Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch

Siki Giunta: A Curious Leader Making Decisions that Matter

As Warren Berger rightfully wrote in an HBR article, we have cruised into the era of the curious leader, where success is less about having all the answers and more about the questions being asked. Curiosity is what facilitates the ability and willingness to explore, take part and experience new paths. Siki Giunta, Managing Director of Accenture, is a woman leader whose innate curiosity for the future has always made her stand out from the crowd Understanding the Future from the Past Born in Rome and raised in France, Siki Giunta had progressive and open-minded parents……
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The 20 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch 2018

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Brand Vision

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Inside Entrepreneurship from Emerging Markets

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Mentor’s Insight

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Tech Evolution

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Thought Leadership

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Women In Business

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