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Trianz: Creating Unique and Powerful Statements of Value

Trianz was established in the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley, in 2001. Its leaders demonstrated impressive forethought when they chose to merge their strategic business consulting model with transformative digital technology, thereby helping clients stay both relevant and competitive in the global marketplace.
By centering its core business consulting practice to leverage advancements in data science, analytics, and cloud technology, Trianz’s portfolio today focuses on achieving business goals through Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Security.
The company continues to be ahead of its time as one of Silicon Valley’s foremost proponents of digital transformation services aimed at fomenting leadership and developing forward-looking perspective, vision and result-oriented strategies.
An Astute Leader 
Leading the company to ever greater heights of success is Trianz’s Founder and President/CEO, Sri Manchala, who embodies the motto of the company: Digital Evolution Simplified. 
Manchala breaks it down saying, “That statement reflects our commitment to helping businesses and technology leaders drive transformations through simple, yet effective techniques.” 
Manchala started Trianz in a small office, and now oversees a global, 1,500-person team of professionals. The company already boasts a track record of over 2,500 successful client partnerships and engagements. Through this exponential growth, Trianz continues to maintain a one-firm culture, adhering to a common set of professional principles, client service standards, and global values.
Strategic Approaches that Echo Success 
Enabling clients to coordinate evolutionary strategies for rapid transformation is a two-sided coin, specifically when developing an effective strategy and achieving excellence in execution. Manchala credits this company-wide strategy and execution paradigm in part to his service in the elite National Defense Academy (NDA) of India and his role as an officer in the Indian Army. Assimilating this philosophy into an effective approach for client engagement, Trianz first works with client leaders to understand what they are trying to achieve from a business perspective before delving into the specific technologies to help their business accomplish its goals.
Trianz’s “business-first” strategy serves to disrupt the status quo and ensure commitments from the client’s leadership teams and partners who understand the objectives that are at stake.
This strategy keeps the focus of enterprise evolution on business priorities. These include smarter decision making support with insights in real time, better alignment of financial goals with strategic decisions, more seamless customer experiences, customer tracking and digital ad targeting, more successful product launches, and amplified digital presence.
Delivering Superior Value 
It’s often the rule rather than the exception when an enterprise’s technology infrastructure is simply not equipped to manage these new business demands.
Flipping the coin from strategy to the execution of digital transformation, Trianz provides game-changing expertise in following through on its ‘Digital Evolution Simplified’ promise. This allows it to assess, recommend, and execute the technology solutions that offer the most direct and most profitable line to success.
Trianz’s goal is to deliver the most optimized configuration considering costs and business size, with customized solutions that both fit specific, current needs and are a function of continued evolution.
The firm serves market leaders and emerging clients across the technology, finance, insurance, media, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, life science, logistics and public sector industries. Within these domains, Trianz brings a holistic understanding of issues and opportunities, employing highly-proficient teams that are powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies. Its engagements are delivered in a seamless model combining business expectations and technology experience for superior value.
For example, the fundamental Sales unit is often the source of the most frustration for enterprises while also offering the highest potential for rapid business growth through digital transformation. The sales landscape has never been so complex, particularly within today’s e-commerce-driven marketplace.
While consumers are no longer bound to traditional linear sales cycle, it is still crucial to maintain consistency of message, branding, and customer service in all sales and marketing channels to grow and retain customers. Instant access to information, guidance from online communities and more options than ever before mean that buyers are more likely to try new products, test options for agile upstarts, and change direction during the sales journey. For sales executives trying to make sense of these complex, multi-faceted, and multi-channel cycles, advanced digital systems and coordinated support staff are key. Trianz helps sales and marketing leaders define sales enablement, productivity strategies, and organizational structures to better monitor sales cycles, performance, forecasts, and adjustments.
These focus areas advance new client perspectives and objectives while providing automated processes and technology integration roadmaps that drive control and visibility in sales operations.
Leveraging Digital Evolution 
The significant impact that the digital evolution has already had on business processes cannot be overstated. Trianz anticipates that disruptions and increased competition will continue to be pressing concerns and drive enterprises to transform their thinking.
Arguably, no factor has been more disruptive than the advent of e-commerce, which is almost entirely data-driven and where human interaction is minimal, if it occurs at all. Trianz’s deliberate decision to position itself as both a business and digital technology execution partner has guided Fortune 1000 clients and other enterprises heavily dependent on ecommerce to better understand their customers; personalize customer experiences; launch new products or services; and facilitate a modern workplace that fosters an innovative culture.
Trianz’s leadership believes in the value of partnerships. This extends to staff associates, clients, and numerous leading tech innovators.
Top-tier partnerships with industry-leading technology providers like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft continue to play an important role in Trianz’s success. These collaborations have helped it gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in partner solutions. In combination with Trianz’s core competencies, they have enabled the firm to provide integrated turnkey solutions to clients around the globe. Trianz has recently augmented its analytics capabilities by engaging over 40 professionals comprising data analysts, data scientists, and several project executives to lead its in-house data analytics practice.
Satisfying Customers and Planning the Future 
Like its clients, Trianz recognizes the importance of client satisfaction. Therefore, Trianz engages an independent research firm to conduct an annual client survey to gain an accurate picture of its own performance.
Trianz’s client satisfaction scores in 2017 were:
Ÿ Business impact: Over 70% of clients rated its focus and business impact delivery as being superior to other firms with which they engage.
Ÿ Predictability of execution: Over 78% of clients rated Trianz their #1 partner for predictability of execution as measured by timely delivery and minimal surprises.
Ÿ Commitment to client success: 89% of clients said Trianz brings a level of commitment to their success, openness and transparency that is superior to other firms.
Ÿ Relationship experience: Over 90% of clients engaged Trianz for repeat business, and over 80% of them referred Trianz to other clients.
This is high praise indeed. Trianz appreciates the regard and trust clients continue to place in the firm. In addition to building its in-house data analytics enterprise, Trianz’s future plans include strategically expanding its global presence to serve clients in emerging markets. The company currently has offices in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC Metro, Jersey City, Raleigh, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Dubai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.
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