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TOPGATE: A GCP Partner that Shares the Same Goal as You

Google—the biggest giant in the world of internet, from its humble commencement with Google App Engine back in 2008—has grown its Google Cloud Platform into one of the premier cloud computing platforms in the global market today. Google, while still following its top rivals, AWS and Microsoft Azure, has continued making investments in Google Cloud Platform that makes the product more attractive to big customers.
As the name implies, Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform that provides infrastructure services and tools for users to build on top of. It is regarded as the third biggest cloud provider in terms of revenue behind Amazon Web Services in the first place and Microsoft Azure in second. Any organization in need of cloud computing considers Google Cloud Platform for their needs—especially SMBs, which the platform was initially inclined towards.
A Japanese training partner of Google Cloud Platform and Premier Service Partner, TOPGATE is one such leading technology group that performs consulting and development in the core technology of Google. Boasting experience, confidence and high technology to the highest pride in Japan, TOPGATE supports companies that want to take advantage of the technology of Google. TOPGATE not only offers system development, but also seminars and consulting, and engineering education.
As a training partner, TOPGATE has conducted GCP training for more than 1000 people across Japan from October to December 2016. Additionally, in March 2017, TOPGATE was selected as a training partner of five premiers worldwide, from Google’s home country.
Using Knowledge and Know-how for Development and Consulting
While cloud technology demand is rising, there is surging need for cloud technicians. We are in an era where large companies and freelance engineers are demanding more technology and knowledge. TOPGATE recognizes the same. At TOPGATE, as an official training partner of GCP, a level engineer is enrolled as a lecturer. The company uses that knowledge and know-how for development and consulting. It also provides its customers with system integration and consulting with Google technology.
TOPGATE believes it can offer solutions by presenting the correct Google Cloud Platform design methods to its customers. The firm can also propose correctly for customer’s request about machine learning as well. With overwhelming technical capabilities with which the company works in the industry, customers with a wide-range of jobs in various industries come to TOPGATE. Thanks to its extensive support services, Payment on behalf of dollar conversion is a fee-free payment. TOPGATE also offers consulting services through communication tools to overcome technical concerns and doubts.
A Companion with Similar Objectives
Going beyond the conventional thinking, TOPGATE respects freedom, considers itself as a companion that has the same goal awareness, objectives, contributes to clients and the world, and grows together. In addition to spending time together, the firm believes, as a team, they share the thoughts with each other.
With a management philosophy that says, “Always keep growing and challenging, raising the level of consciousness, contributing to society and people,” TOPGATE visions to continue creating a new social infrastructure and supports people who wish to attain the same. TOPGATE is on a mission to create companions of the specialized type of engineering group in Japan, grow together, and provide valuable services to the world.
Many users, especially users of other company clouds, are building systems with IaaS. The correct way to use Google Cloud Platform (#1) is to build a system with PaaS.
Meet the Maestro
Masaki Kato is the CEO of TOPGATE. However, since Masaki is an engineer, he considers himself to be in a position to provide optimal solutions to customers based on experience at that time. Masaki believes it is about time that the recognition of GCP also increases and we have to increase the size of the company to meet the needs of many customers. Thus, he will continue to work as a CEO and strive to do justice to the position he shoulders.
GCP, according to Masaki is of low profile. And thus, he and the team had difficulty in many activities such as sales activities and advertisements on the web. But eventually he reached the conclusion as he got the familiarity of GCP itself and made a community. It is a community called GCP User Group (GCPUG). This community is spreading in other Asian countries such as Singapore and Vietnam.
“We will continue to develop many innovations to companies by offering solutions by GCP to many customers in the future. Especially machine learning is an important element for future companies, so we will provide solutions to many companies,” concludes Masaki.

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