The 10 Most Innovative Google Solution Providers 2017 Dec-Jan2018

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“The security landscape has changed significantly over the last few years… Traditional security strategies cannot defeat many of the attack techniques that we now see.”

Cover Page - The 10 most innovative Google solutions providers 2017 - Insights Success

Reblaze Technologies: Using the Cloud for Web Security

Hacking and breaches, denial-of-service attacks, data leaks… it seems that hardly a week goes by without some major security incident being reported. In 2017 alone, hackers stole the private information of tens of millions of people: 143 million consumers in the Equifax breach, 57 million Uber customers, 14 million Verizon customers… the list goes on. Other high-profile events included a hack of the National Security Agency (the fifth reported breach in as many years), the WannaCry ransomware infestation with thousands of victims, the months-long “Cloudbleed” problem where……..
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The 10 Most Innovative Google Solution Providers 2017

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