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Top 6 Business Promotion Tips for Startups in 2023

Every business owner worth their salt wants to get their goods or services in front of as many people as possible. However, most traditional methods are expensive, and while sites like virtually guarantee success, they require a more advanced head to navigate.

Don’t worry; you can still promote your business successfully without spending a lot of money. In this article, we will go through half a dozen ways you can get people to take note of your business without spending a dime. The only investment you’ll need is your time. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Optimize for SEO

When people are considering purchasing anything, what is the first thing they do? They go to Google and look for that product or service. They begin by gathering as much information as possible about the product, and then they look for merchants who sell it. So, if your website does not appear in a Google search, you are effectively invisible.
What can we do about it? The easiest option is to pay someone to optimize your website for search engines, but even then, you must understand the procedure, or you risk being penalized by Google. Multiple broken links on your website, for example, will lower your Google ranking. 

Get Listed on Google Business Listings

Google is personalizing searches by displaying results that are tailored to your location. For example, if you search for a McDonald’s, it will display a map of the nearest one in your city. As a result, getting a business listed on Google Local is a must.
Google Maps has made it simple to add and maintain your location. From the same location, you can also manage your Google Plus profile. Simply go to Google My Business and claim your business listing. If you don’t have a physical store, you can also list your office address and provide information about your company. 

Tap Into social media

Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to begin with. This will not only help you gain more clients but will also enable you to engage them and gain valuable feedback on your products or services. The traffic to ProfitBooks’ Twitter and Facebook pages accounts for 20% of our total traffic.
The frequency with which you post is crucial. If you post on a regular basis, you will gain popularity and loyal subscribers who can eventually convert to clients. You can post information about your company or industry news. The best strategy is to follow and track the influencers in your business. On Facebook, you should publish twice a week and on Twitter, 3-4 times every day. 

Answer Clients’ Questions

People turn to specialized forums on the Internet when they are stuck and looking for a solution to their problem. Popular Q&A sites like Quora are great venues to find new consumers. People also use LinkedIn Groups to ask their questions.
You will be bombarded with questions about your goods. People may inquire about the leading companies that sell this product, product comparisons, and so on. Start with the easy questions and work your way up to the more difficult ones. Then simply begin responding to users’ questions and recommending your products to them. 

Meet People and Network

Events, expos, and meetups are excellent venues to broaden your network and meet new people. Simply Google “business events in (your city),” and a list of forthcoming events will appear. For events in a variety of categories, check The majority of these events are free and are attended by both customers and distributors/resellers/consultants.
Slowly, you’ll notice that individuals attend these gatherings primarily to meet new people, and the people you meet there may become your customers. One of these gatherings introduced me to someone who is now our distributor. 

Showcase Your Product with Videos

Everyone loves video content. Instagram Live and YouTube are juggernauts when it comes to getting your products across to the masses. So, where do you begin? Decide what you’re going to make first. In the case of items, a brief two-minute demo will suffice, while in the case of services, you can film and post a client testimonial.
YouTube has several wonderful tools for editing the video you’ve submitted. You can, for example, add narration or music, cut footage, and do a lot more. Remember to include the product name or related keywords in the video’s title and description. You can create a channel similar to the one we built for presenting product tutorials once you’ve posted many videos.  

Final Words

Some of the strategies outlined above will produce immediate results, while others will take weeks or months to produce benefits. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing, you’ll have to put in the time to advertise your company. All you need is creativity!

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