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TIE Kinetix: Delivering Google Solutions that Maximizes Revenue Opportunities for the Channel

TIE Kinetix, founded in 1987, has been transforming the digital supply chain for 30 years by providing solutions to automate business processes for sales, marketing and fulfillment. These days a lot of companies still struggle in optimizing their business processes internally, with their different IT systems or different organizations across the globe. Externally, and especially with their business partners, if these are suppliers or channel partners, these challenges are even greater with new and evolving technologies and a 24/7 business dynamic. All their experience and solutions have been combined through a variety of different modules in one centralized platform for customers to control their indirect business processes: FLOW Partner Automation. The FLOW platform was launched back in March 2016, and since then various new modules and capabilities have been added monthly.
A Leader with Unmatched Industry Knowledge
Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix, has been leading the innovative team of 140 since 2008. With offices across the globe, he brings over 15 years of executive management with him. With the vast knowledge of management, software, and implementation under his belt, he has provided TIE Kinetix with the support it needs.
Covering the Complete Google Portfolio
As a multi-level Google Partner with partnerships for Google AdWords, Google Cloud, Google Analytics 360 Suite and Google for Work, they are not just a Google partner or an agency but cover the complete Google portfolio.
“We have been working with Google for many years now. As a multi-level Google Partner we can provide help to a variety of vendor-partner companies. We started as partners to resell and implement their Search solutions, but we have developed into partnerships where we do joint-developments to become more successful and add value to our customers business together. About 2 years ago, we started talking with the Google AdWords team for the indirect channel,” asserts Jan Sundelin.
Google AdWords for Channel: A Unique Solution for Channel Partners
TIE Kinetix’s Google AdWords for Channel solution is a unique solution for channel partners looking to use Google AdWords as a digital marketing tool at a local level. Enabling manufacturers/vendors to run Google AdWords together with their channel partners in a centralized, local and automated way. With Google AdWords for Channel, AdWords campaigns and landing pages are personalized per partner and analytics can be seen for a group of partners and at individual partner level, while all being automated.
Google’s Role in Creating Google AdWords for Channel

“As you all know, Google’s goal via search is to provide the most relevant search results, both organic and paid. Currently, there is an overwhelming growth in search with mobile, creating a need for more locally relevant searches. Those using search on their mobile are often looking for “near me” searches, creating a challenge for Google to provide the most relevant item. However, most of the time, the search is often relevant for a SME company, but only a small amount of SME companies are using Google AdWords. The lack of SME’s using Google AdWords as a marketing solution is often due to the lack of knowledge, people, time, and budget these particular companies have when it comes to using Google AdWords. There is often a lack of visibility of the customer journey and insight is often difficult to gain, even though 75% of goods are delivered to partners. Scalable tech will help bring SME companies onboard with Google AdWords.”
Role of TIE Kinetix
To understand how TIE Kinetix fits in here, it’s important to understand that TIE Kinetix has been enabling manufacturers/vendors to run campaigns with their channel (partner) community for almost 20 years. This is called through-partner marketing automation.
Manufacturers/vendors enable their channel partners by providing various tactics like email campaigns, promotions, landing pages, micro sites, social media messaging, online events, assets, marketing collateral and sales collateral. These tools generate demand for the channel partners and the manufacturers/vendors get control over their brand. Over the last couple of years, getting control over search results, especially in the indirect channel, has become more important. The Google AdWords for Channel module gives the vendor the ability to automate AdWords campaigns and to use analytics that allow the vendor to see the customer journey, making business easier for both vendors and partners. With a centralized tech solution, vendors and partners will no longer compete against each other for ad placement on Google. Google AdWords for Channel removes the risk of bid inflation and expensive keywords. We allow strategy alignment with no hassle to either the vendor or partner,” adds Sundelin.
Insights into the Future
As a tech partner of Google, TIE Kinetix will continue to expand FLOW Partner Automation platform, while adapting Google AdWords for Channel to the constant changing vendor-partner relationship. “We recently started working with agencies to help them onboard SME companies and to support them through the creation of Google AdWords campaigns and strategies. By working with agencies, we are able to help a wide range of vendor-partner focused companies have the capabilities to run a centralized AdWords campaign, while reaching the partner’s customers at a local level, providing a full follow-through of the sales funnel.”

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