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Theatro: Revolutionizing In-Store Communication

Among all the applications of IoT, using it to facilitate wearables is one of the most promising trend in the business as well as technology. Theatro is a company who has created the world’s first voice-controlled enterprise wearable designed for the hourly employee. From their 1.5 oz wearable computer to their suite of communication and productivity applications, every part of Theatro’s solution is made to help hourly employees to do more, and better.
This wearable connects every employee, making it easy for them to get the information, expertise, and assistance they need to provide excellent customer service. It is connected to store systems such as inventory that enables employees to help the customer make the sale. As it leverages current IT infrastructure, it can be deployed quickly and precisely. It boosts employee productivity 10-30% and reduces customer wait time. Furthermore, it is user-friendly, with an average training time of 10-15 minutes.
A Technology Startup
Theatro is a Dallas-based technology startup pioneering the market’s first voice-controlled enterprise wearable for brick and mortar retail, hospitality, and manufacturing. Their “heads up, hands free” mobile solution provides a software suite of productivity and communication applications through a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering designed to optimize employee, sales, and operational performance.
Strategizer of Theatro
Chris Todd, President and CEO of Theatro is responsible for leading Theatro’s overall direction, strategy, and growth plans. Chris has 25+ years of experience in senior executive positions with small startups and large multinationals in a diverse array of industries, including software, networking and apps for leading hardware and software companies including Cisco Systems, AppTrigger, Metaswitch, Extreme Networks and Newbridge Networks. Chris graduated with a BBA from SMU.
Chris is a “rollup your sleeves” type leader who is passionate about the strategy of a business. Chris believes that every idea can be a winner, it’s all about figuring out the strategy angles to drive success! As a co-founder, Chris has been instrumental in guiding Theatro from an early innovative concept into a fast paced growth company.
Components of Solution
For their SaaS Solution Theatro provides the Service, not the Hardware. Hardware is not immortal. And knowing that clients will have to replace employee devices drives up the cost of introducing new technology, and can make it difficult to justify ROI. Theatro provides software as a service (SaaS) in a per-employee subscription format. This means that when customers subscribe to their service, they provide the devices and cover the wearable costs. If a wearable breaks, Theatro fixes it. This also remains as an advantage while clients decide to end service; it remains as simple as canceling the subscription – no hardware costs to cover.
The wearable provided by Theatro has Communication Application, that means Theatro eliminates the challenges associated with outdated communication technology, by connecting store and regional management, hourly employees, and corporate resources. This allows employees to communicate in many different ways, which include communicating One to One, One to Group, Broadcasting, HQ to store, Voice messages/EarBox, Announcements, and even Morning Huddles.
Most hourly employees don’t have a company email or voicemail, and hourly labor laws make it difficult to make sure they get the information they need if they’re off the clock. That’s why Theatro provides EarBox, Content Distribution Manager, and Manager’s Application.
EarBox is like a voicemail. With the EarBox, hourly employees can receive personal messages, messages from team members, and corporate announcements. When they’re busy with a customer, messages to employees will automatically go to their EarBox and notify them of the receipt of a new message and who it’s from.
With Content Distribution Manager, headquarters personnel can communicate directly to the ear of store employees, ensuring vital information is communicated across the enterprise. Personnels can even schedule the information so that it goes out at a certain time each day or week. After it goes out, they’ll get a report on who heard it, and when.
Manager’s Application is a smartphone application providing managers on the go with access to Theatro’s in-store capabilities. They can talk privately with individual employees, leave messages, update employees on important information, and provide direction while outside the store.
To reduce wait times—for both customers and employees—Theatro provides an Indoor Location Application that enables employees and store managers to quickly find each other on the floor. Better yet, the person they’re looking for doesn’t even have to respond. Theatro will tell whoever’s looking and where they are, if they’re with a customer, and if they’re available to help—reducing customer wait time and ensuring adequate associate coverage in high-value locations.
Analytics Application gives unprecedented insights into what your employees do, how they work as a team, and what makes them successful.
With Request and Respond Application, employees can do more, and immediately ask for help when they need it. They can know that their request will only be sent to the employees who can give them the help they need—whether carryout, register backup, or fitting room—and be immediately notified that help is on the way. Better yet, managers can see who responded and how quickly, enabling you to optimize store coverage and employee performance.
SKU Lookup Application  enables employees to check inventory in their store instantly with a simple voice command. No more long waits, no more frustrated employees and customers.
Theatro has one mission of enhancing in-store communication and hourly worker productivity, they are using the latest technology available to achieve this. And they assure to do the same in the near future and ages to come.

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