The 20 Fastest Growing IoT Companies March2017

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Ascendum’s Mission and Vision can be summed up in the two simple words that make up its “corporate mantra,” and those are: “Rise Together”

Cover Page - Growing IoT Companies - Insights Success

Ascendum Solutions: Innovation Beyond Limits

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is expected to transform every industry by enabling seamless and uninterrupted machine-to-machine communication. The unprecedented growth of connected devices provides an untapped opportunity for service providers to develop new business models, revenue streams and an enhanced customer experience.Today, enterprises driving digital transformation strategies take an in-depth view of adapting to emerging and ubiquitous trends such as AI, wearables, and smart connected devices powered by the IoT, while aiming to deliver innovative services. For end users, IoT provides an ambitious and unrestrained platform that maximizes productivity, insights, and quality of life……….
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The 20 Fastest Growing IoT Companies

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