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The Urban Life Management “SMART” Solution – Lockated

Haven Infoline LLP is an information technology services and solutions company having its registered office in Mumbai. The firm has an Enterprise tech product the brand LOCKATED, which offers unique, innovative and smart mobile solution for the real estate. The firm is poised for accelerated growth in the new era of automated real estate projects.
Chetan Bafna - the founder & CEO of Lockated [ Business News ]
Chetan Bafnathe founder & CEO of Lockated has been active in the start-up community since 2009. Some of his early ventures were Virtuoso – a strategic consulting firm into real estate and other niche businesses, followed by Fetise – an online platform to aggregate luxury brands and products for men at affordable pricing. He also served as the Partner and CEO of Jewelsouk – the online platform of Gitanjali Lifestyle, growing the business from INR 3.5 million/month to INR 250 million/month. Lockated is his new vision within the real estate industry aimed at providing his patent solution for the engagement gap that exists between today’s Real Estate Developer and the modern real estate Consumer. Chetan’s vision is clear – to make smart projects and smart communities through Lockated.
LOCKATED founded in July 2015, is a powerful, unique solution that aims at bridging the gap between the Real Estate Developer and the modern real estate Consumer in areas of customer engagement, enhanced offering and cost efficiency benefits. The solution operates as a single white-label app, which when deployed for a real estate project, brings together all aspects of services on a single interface – namely, building management, property management, advanced security management, home automation, project automation, accounting and a hub for all on-call daily services. The app is finding pace with Societies and Associations and leading Property Management Companies. The app is making Smart Homes, Smart Projects and Smart Communities.
LOCKATED currently has its solution offering for 3 sectors of real estate:

  1. Real Estate Developer
  2. Society/Associations
  3. Property Management Company

A few of its prominent clients include the following:

  1. Omkar 1973
  2. Raheja Universal
  3. Suncity Developers
  4. CBRE
  5. Neelam Realtors
  6. PSIPL (Kalpataru Group Company)

USP of the brand
The solution places all aspects of real estate, property infrastructure and customer/home owners management on a single app. The app becomes a customer engagement and customer loyalty marketing tool for the Real Estate Companies.  It introduces the concept of Customer Service & Loyalty for Real Estate Companies, and can also be implemented for multiple projects being developed by the Real Estate company.  It enables a Real Estate Company in showcasing multi-properties and offers and paves a way for referral marketing through its widely connected customers on the app. The app offers its captive Lockated Analytics placing detailed customer usage and behaviour studies at the disposal of the Real Estate Developer – which in turn can enable adopting the right overall marketing strategy. In addition to this it provides the following:

  • Enhanced Security at your fingertips (Smart Secure Solution)
  • Considerable Cost Reduction
  • Reputation Management & Complain Handling
  • Customer Connect, Recall, Communication & Consumer Database Management Platform
  • Customized offering for Automation & IOT

The app is available in both Web & Mobile App and comes with separate interface for Admin & Resident with advanced level of Analytics using Business Intelligence

  • There are 3 revenue streams as follows:
    • One-time White Labeling Fee
    • Yearly Subscription for each of the following modules:
      • BMS/ CMS
      • PMS
      • Smart Secure
      • Sale of IOT/ Home Automation (Which is paid directly by the customer of the Real Estate company at the time of doing the interiors of the House.

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