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Renowned Internet-Related Service Provider to Launch New Features

Google has recently announced to launch a new feature that will be added to one of its products ‘Google Maps’. The company is about to introduce a second version of its augmented reality walking directions feature that will be available on all iOS devices (ARKit compatible devices) and Android devices (Google’s ARcore supportive devices) which have System-level support for AR.
Earlier this year, Google had launched the first-version of its augmented reality feature which has been available only for Google Maps Local Guides and Google Pixel Users. But now, with an updated version, it will be available to everyone within a couple of weeks depending on when the users update their applications.
In the updated version, users just need to click on destination location followed by clicking on ‘Directions’ button and then they have to navigate it to ‘Walking’. A new option will be visible at the bottom of the screen with the name ‘Live View’. After navigating to ‘Walking’, the user could click on the ‘Live View’ button to experience a comprehensive view of the directions.
Live View feature allows an individual to walk freely without holding the handset continuously in hand. It also provides easy and quick guidance with additional information including arrows and readable street markers about the place user is searching for or the location at which the user is. This makes it easy to position oneself while one is visiting an unfamiliar location.
Along with this launch, Google is also adding other features to its ‘Google Maps’ product which includes ‘Reservations’ button that will be beneficial for the user to look-up for their reserved flights, hotel bookings and such other facilities, and a ‘Timeline’ feature that will store the records of places the backpacker has visited.