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The Trend of 2021 – Pop-Up TV Screen

If just a couple of years ago, a pop-up TV screen was a luxury, now, it is practically a must-to-have item. It allows you to unclog the space in your home, to fix the TV set properly in a safe place, and to turn your accommodation into an ultra-modern hub.
However, a complete installation is still too expensive and not available anywhere. It is easy to improve the situation though. What about buying a TV lifting system, and installing it on your own? Just imagine how much money you are going to save, and such an installation will for sure match the environment of your home.
To make an installation for your pop-up TV screen, you need:

  • A cabinet where you can accommodate your TV set;
  • A TV lifting system;
  • Some tools.

Now, you are ready to proceed with your TV-lift project.
The TV set will be accommodated in a cabinet. It might be any cabinet, the main idea that you like it and can use in your living room or any other place where you want to install a TV set.

  • In the cabinet top, make an opening. It is a slot needed to allow your TV set to move up and down, pop up and hide in the cabinet. Make sure the TV set passes freely without being scratched or tangled.
  • Now, on the bottom inside of the cabinet, install the TV lift. If the bottom isn’t strong enough, and the TV is pretty heavy, consider reinforcing the installation place with a bar of wood or metal.
  • Check whether the TV lifting system is aligned properly.
  • Fix the TV set on it and test the installation.
  • If everything works smoothly, take care of the cables. They shall be hidden so that you, kids, or pets don’t get tangled in them.

Now, your TV set is ready to watch. If you think that the slot in the cabinet top is too big, fix a cap to it. It can be a cap fixed on hinges. It will open when the device is up, and close when the device is in the cabinet. Another option is to fix the cap on linear actuators and make it slide. Thus, you will need a linear actuator of the needed stroke length. Such an installation looks nicer but it needs more investment and more time.

To Sum Up

A TV lifting system for your pop-up TV set is not the only thing you can do to improve your home. You can use linear actuators to automate your kitchen, living room, bedroom.
In the kitchen, you can install lifting columns in kitchen cabinets and fix there all the devices that you need. Or you might choose to make a nice dropdown rack for spices or kitchen utensils.
Your bedroom might be used to store things under the automated bedframe.
With linear actuators, you can create a new patio with pop-up furniture that appears from the floor when you need it and vanishes to provide more space. There are so many ideas and projects that you can change your home completely.

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