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The Timeless Elegance and Sophistication of White Glass Splashbacks

A kitchen splashback can be just the thing to protect your walls from splashes, splatters, and stains. Not to mention, bring a beautiful burst of colour into your kitchen for added visual appeal. The beauty of a bespoke splashback lies in having the freedom to choose from a limitless range of options. In terms of size, shape, colour and finish, the only limitation is your own imagination.
But what if your goal is to bring something as subtle and understated as possible into your kitchen? Rather than a statement piece, what kind of splashback is designed to blend seamlessly in with its surroundings?
The answer is an elegant yet beautifully understated white splashback.
A Timeless Choice for All Types of Kitchens
White is a colour of unique timelessness and desirability. It is also universally compatible with just about any existing interior colour scheme. Ideal for classical and contemporary kitchens alike, there is nowhere a beautiful white splashback does not look the part.
Choosing a splashback in white can be the perfect way to bring the full package of presentation and practicality into your kitchen. The smooth and glossy surface of the materials reflects light around the space, making even the most compact kitchen feel bigger than it actually is.
Along with protecting the walls from the accumulation of dirt, grease and grime, a high-quality splashback could not be easier to keep clean. All it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep your splashback in showroom condition indefinitely.
By opting for a white splashback, you completely eliminate the risk of unwanted colour clashes. However bold, bright, or basic your kitchen’s décor maybe, a white splashback can always be incorporated with ease.
Any future alterations or improvements you make to your kitchen will continue to be complemented by your white splashback, the very essence of timelessness for all types of kitchens while serving an important practical purpose along the way.
What Are the Benefits of a Quality Glass Splashback?
Whichever colour you choose for your splashback, you will have the option of several different types of materials. The two most popular of which are acrylic and toughened glass, both with their own unique points of appeal.
But when it comes to setting yourself up with a superb-premium splashback of the highest possible quality, nothing beats toughened glass. Whether you are shopping for a simple white splashback or something more elaborate, a toughened glass splashback brings the following benefits:
A regular wipe with a damp cloth is all the maintenance needed to keep a toughened glass splashback in flawless condition. On occasion, treat the surface to a quick spray using any standard glass cleaner to restore its showroom shine.
Splashbacks, in general, are designed with easy cleaning in mind, but none are easier to keep clean than a toughened glass splashback.
Unbeatable Hygiene
Glass splashbacks boast an exceptionally durable and 100% non-porous surface. All of which adds up to a fantastically hygienic wall covering, helping maintain good hygiene standards in the kitchen. Absolutely no germs, bacteria or viruses can penetrate the surface of the glass and pose a threat to your family’s health.
Again, all you need to do is give the surface a quick wipe with an appropriate antibacterial cleaner in order to keep your glass splashback safe and sanitary.
Heat and Impact Resistant
A kitchen splashback is only effective if it provides the surface beneath with adequate protection at all times. Kitchens are the kinds of places where high temperatures, sharp objects and exposure to hot liquids all pose a risk to your surfaces. With a toughened glass splashback, the protective coating on the material can withstand temperatures as high as 400° C. The hardened glass can also withstand surprisingly heavy knocks, meaning it will not chip, crack, or break.
Long-Term Value for Money
A high-quality glass splashback will always cost more than an entry-level acrylic splashback. But when it comes to long-term value for money, nothing delivers quite like toughened glass. With the bare minimum ongoing maintenance, a toughened glass splashback has the potential to last a lifetime. Choose a splashback in a timeless colour or design, and it will still look as fantastic in decades to come as it does the day you install it.
Visual Appeal
The visual appeal of a beautiful glass splashback is undeniable. Easy to install and available in colours and designs to suit all interiors, a quality glass splashback can bring the entire kitchen to life. Splashbacks manufactured from other materials can also look the part, but there is something uniquely alluring about a smooth and glossy glass surface. One that is every bit as practical as it is beautifully presented.’

For more information on the benefits of glass splashbacks or discussing placing an order, contact a team member at DIY Splashbacks today.

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