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The Most Popular Exterior Siding Options When Remodeling Your Home

Choosing an external siding option might be hard if you don’t know your choices.  After all, installing a new siding is a pretty major decision, and it is often considered to be a really difficult one. Unlike yesteryears when only wooden sidings were available, today there is a teeming variety of diverse options. It would be well worth your time to consider all of them prior to a purchase decision. This is because all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages regarding aesthetics, durability, and various other factors. Let us check out some of the more popular siding options available today:

  • Metal alloy

Many homeowners tend to see metal purely as a form of roofing material alone. However, it is now rapidly gaining a large fan following as a neat material for exterior siding. It is pretty strong and relatively easy to install. You can get one made in aluminum or steel and best of all you won’t need any sort of maintenance. A simple pressure wash and you are good to go. Moreover, this kind of siding can also stand up really well even to very harsh weather such as intense sun, snow, and rainfall. It won’t warp or decay, and it won’t be infected with termites or other vermin. However, it is not a very good insulation material, and nor is it soundproof either.

  • Vinyl siding

This is by far one of the single most popular choices currently available today. Basically, it is a form of tough plastic that offers excellent weatherproofing in areas prone to inclement weather. It is widely considered to be the best type of siding for places that see a lot of rain and snowfall. It is long-lasting and available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Best of all, it’s not very expensive, which is also one of the key reasons behind its popularity. Moreover, it is also resistant to fire as well. However, it can lose its shine under harsh sunlight.

  • Stucco

Stucco is popular amongst people who believe in very high levels of energy and power efficiency. Since stucco is made of cement and silica it is layered in such a way that it creates a sort of case or cover all-around your home. It will insulate the home from extremes of both heat and cold. It is also a natural sound blocker and fire-resistant as well. However, it doesn’t work well in rainy and humid regions and it is also very expensive.

  • Wood

Wood is the original choice for siding since long before any other siding type was invented. It can be either painted or stained and polished for a classy look. It is available in many different arrangements and styles to suit any taste and requirement. You can achieve any look you desire to increase the overall curb value of your precious property. However, this is an expensive option and even though it looks very impressive, it is not fire-resistant. Wood is a combustible material and it can easily catch fire if exposed to very high heat. However, it can last up to four decades if maintained regularly.

  • EIFS

This is another popular siding option that looks quite similar to its more traditional stucco sibling. However, it is equipped with a layer of foam-based insulation.  This provides additional protection from the elements while cutting down on costs since it is cheaper than regular stucco. However, it might not last as long as stucco or other forms of exterior sidings.

  • Hire the best experts for this job

Before you decide on any specific siding you might consider using the help of true blue professionals. For instance, you may hire Sacramento home remodel contractors and ask them for advice regarding the best type of siding options in your area. They would be sure to help you get the results you want and desire. 
Since siding is a pretty long-term project it makes a lot of sense to take the advice of the experts and to choose the best option for your area. Make sure you get the best for your home, in line with your budget.  you can find more home decor tips at Hardie Boys.

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