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The French group Atempo.Wooxo joins the European Champions Alliance to strengthen the European cyber security ecosystem

Paris | 15 September 2020 – The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is delighted to welcome the French cyber security group Atempo.Wooxo as an official member. This membership is a strong encouragement for the actions of the ECA. Indeed, the sector of cyber security and secure data storage is an area where Europe is particularly active. This membership will help to strengthen exchanges on this subject in Europe.
The European Champions Alliance offers its members an in-depth exchange on developments in the European technology ecosystem and a platform for collaboration that will help accelerate the growth of European technology companies. The Atempo.Wooxo group is an important player in the cyber security sector in France and is part of the mapping of European cyber security start-ups and scale-ups players, which was published by the ECA on 28 July 2020. Like all ECA members, the group will have access to ECA focus group meetings and digital and physical events. In addition, the ECA will provide concrete support for European development through its network of experts, a newsletter, as well as investigations and reports on the latest developments in the European technology ecosystem.

Concrete support for expansion in Europe

Atempo.Wooxo joins the European Champions Alliance in the category “Start-ups / Scale-ups / SMEs”. ECA experts and Atempo.Wooxo teams will follow a work programme (workshops, networking, etc.) that will support the expansion of Atempo in Europe. The experts of the ECA network have more than 20 years of experience in international development in the European space. Thanks to ECA, Atempo.Wooxo will have increased access to the ECA network of mentors, experts and partners in order to accelerate its growth, visibility and scaling up in Europe. In addition, through its focus group on cyber security, the ECA provides the framework for independent exchange with other European companies in the field.
Luc d’Urso, CEO of the Atempo.Wooxo group, says about the membership: “Atempo.Wooxo is a strong supporter of the construction of a Sovereign Digital Europe and a committed player in the fight against cybercrime. Europe’s digital sovereignty would be inconceivable without a strong industrial sector and the emergence of European champions of cybersecurity and Cloud Computing with which they intend to be actively associated. It is high time for Europe to get back on its feet and take its digital destiny into its own hands. Only by joining forces to help build an agile, comprehensive and trustworthy European digital ecosystem can we challenge GAFAM, NATU and BATX”.
 Andrea Vaugan, Managing Director of ECA: “We are particularly pleased with the membership of the Atempo.Wooxo group to the European Champions Alliance. We share common European values and the objective of strengthening the European technology ecosystem together. The cyber security sector is of strategic importance for Europe and we have a strong motivation to work towards greater cooperation between European companies.
 About the Atempo Group. Wooxo
The Atempo.Wooxo group is the result of the merger in 2017 of Atempo and Wooxo, two French software publishers specialising in data protection, respectively recognised in their market segments. These entities are perfectly complementary in terms of customer targets, solutions portfolio, distribution channels and geographical coverage, enabling the combined group to establish itself as the European leader with a global presence.
Atempo offers solutions for backing up, archiving, moving and restoring the critical data of thousands of companies around the world. With more than twenty-five years of experience in data protection, Atempo offers a complete range of proven solutions for backing up physical and virtual servers, desktops and migrating very large volumes of data between different storages. Atempo’s three flagship solutions, Lina, Miria and Tina, are labelled ‘Used by the French Armed Forces‘ and ‘France Cybersecurity‘. Atempo is the solution of choice for many customers operating in demanding performance domains: Banking & Finance, Media & Entertainment, Life and Earth Sciences …
Wooxo develops solutions for SMBs to eliminate the risk of business interruption and data loss following an IT disaster, whatever its nature: handling error, hardware failure, natural disaster, or cybermalveillance. Wooxo has been labelled as an innovative company in 2011, winner of the Trophées Innovation TIC PACA 2012, ranked in the “Entreprises d’Avenir” ranking at the EY prize for two consecutive years, nominated at the Trophées de la Sécurité in 2016 and labelled FranceCyberSecurity twice consecutively for its backup solution.
Both entities are members of the Hexatrust association and are part of the Cyber Startup Observatory consortium. The group was recently selected as part of the French government’s French Tech 120 programme, which aims to create 25 unicorns by 2025.
 About the European Champions Alliance
The European Champions Alliance is an initiative founded by European entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors (investors, consultants, business leaders, administrators) who want to support European technology and its values and promote European technological leadership. The Alliance is a “do tank” or “go to business and market” interest group – concrete, pragmatic and operational – whose objective is to become a coordinated and committed technological ecosystem at European level. The ECA networks companies, SMEs, firms, institutions and experts to exploit the potential of intelligent collaboration and promote the growth of European technology champions. The network offers strategic and operational solutions for the European growth of its members.
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