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The Competitive Edge: 5 Ways Online Faxing Can Benefit Your Organization

Sending information is an essential part of doing business. For decades, faxing has been the preferred way to transfer documents and other vital data. It may seem like an outdated technology, but many companies and organizations still use it. Luckily, there is a better solution: online fax services.

Traditional Faxing vs. Online Faxing

Traditional faxes and online faxes differ in the way information is transferred. A conventional fax machine requires hardware, including a modem and a telephone line. Information is sent by scanning and sending pages reproduced on the receiver’s end. In the meantime, online faxing, also known as cloud faxing or internet faxing, uses apps or programs to send data via the internet from one device to another without using ink and paper.

The 5 Advantages of Online Faxing

1. Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness

With traditional fax machines, you have to purchase the machine and pay for ongoing maintenance, toner, and paper costs. Conversely, online faxing is cost-effective in several ways:

  • Businesses can save money in terms of equipment and maintenance costs.
  • This method doesn’t require long-distance phone calls, as faxes are transmitted via the internet.
  • Online faxing services typically charge a lower per-fax fee than traditional faxing services, and some online faxing services also offer bulk discounts for high-volume users.

2. Increased Security

Online fax services offer greater security than traditional fax machines. With online faxes, you can encrypt your documents, add digital signatures, and store everything securely in the cloud. This means sensitive information is less likely to be intercepted or lost in transit.

3. Better Ease and Convenience

Online faxes are an incredibly convenient and efficient way to send information without being constrained by geographic locations or time zones. Some services have user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to send and receive faxes with minimal effort. Some companies even make sending a fax from Gmail easy to streamline the communication process and ensure that vital information is sent securely. Users also can track the status of their transmissions and receive email notifications when a fax has been sent. Another great bonus is that Gmail is widely used and integrates with Google Drive, which allows users to store documents.

4. Greater Ability to Share Large Files

Online fax services have made it much easier to share large files by eliminating size limitations. They offer faster transmission, produce higher-quality images, provide better security, and are more cost effective than traditional faxing methods. This has made it a popular option for businesses and individuals who need to share large files regularly.

5. More Environmentally Friendly

Online faxes are stored digitally in the cloud, eliminating the need for physical storage space and reducing the waste generated by paper documents. They also require much less energy, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with the transmission of documents. Conversely, with a traditional fax machine, ink and toner cartridges must be replaced often and usually end up in a landfill and take years to decompose. But if you have new and unused toners, you can find surplus toner buyers.

Get Ahead of the Curve

If you haven’t yet switched to an online fax service, now is the time. Online fax services offer numerous advantages over traditional fax machines. They’re cost-effective, convenient, scalable, and integrate well with other digital tools. Not only that, but online providers will save you money and help streamline workflows to make your business more efficient.

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