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The Benefits of a Garden Room When Dealing with Illness

Garden rooms are naturally associated with recreation and enjoyment. The beauty of a garden room lies in the fact that it can be anything you want it to be.
Typical uses for garden rooms include setting up a home gym, creating an enjoyable home office environment or providing a comfortable place for guests to stay over.
However, you utilise your garden room, it is a fantastic option for making optimal use of your outdoor spaces, but what about when things take a turn for the worse?
During times of ill health, a garden room can also be highly beneficial. Illness is rarely the first thing that comes to mind when considering the installation of a garden room. More closely associated with the good times in life, a garden room can be a godsend during challenging times.
Specifically, this is how a garden room can be surprisingly beneficial when dealing with a short or long-term illness: 
Essential Escapism
First and foremost, the feeling of escapism a garden room can bring is quite incomparable. One of the most unsettling aspects of dealing with illness is the prospect of becoming temporarily housebound. Irrespective of how long you are stuck at home, those same four walls can quickly create a claustrophobic environment.
When you have a garden room outdoors, you have the option of a welcome change of scenery. Importantly, you have a private space that is completely separated from your home. The short physical distance between your home and your garden room really can make all the difference.
You can take a breather from the chaos of family life, enjoy a moment of seclusion and escape the real world on demand. It is a little like going out without actually going out, providing welcome escapism when you need it most. 
A Functional Space
Depending on the illness you are dealing with, a degree of self-administered rehabilitation may be necessary. Perhaps in the form of gentle exercise, or whatever activities are recommended by your doctor.
If your home does not have space to accommodate such activities, a garden room could be just the thing. From yoga to meditation to all kinds of aerobic exercise, your garden room can be set up as a functional space for any purpose. 
Rest and Relaxation
It could also be that your illness calls for the kind of rest and relaxation you cannot get indoors; daytime napping, early nights, long lie-ins are not always possible with kids, pets and spouses about the place.
A quality garden room can be set up to create a fully functional living space in its own right; one that can be even more tranquil and relaxing than the home itself. Oftentimes, rest and relaxation hold the key to a swift and full recovery from a minor short-term illness.
By giving yourself all the space and privacy you need to take care of yourself, you could be back on your feet much quicker. 
Reduced Risk of Transmission
During times of seasonal illness, in particular, bugs and viruses spread like wildfire. Just as soon as one member of the household falls ill, the whole household is quickly infected.
This is where putting a little distance between the occupants of the household can help. Something that becomes much easier to do with a fully functional outdoor living space.
Of course, it is not a case of confining yourself to complete solitude for the duration of illness. Instead, it is simply a case of taking common sense precautions to protect your household.
Still, if it does become necessary to remain in your household to isolate, it can be a much less painful experience in a luxurious, well-equipped garden room. 
Everything within Reach
Spending time in a garden room while recovering from illness can be a real pleasure. Indoors, you may find yourself making constant trips up the stairs, into the kitchen and so on. All making it more difficult to relax and take care of yourself when nobody else is home.
With a compact garden room, everything you need is within convenient reach at all times. You have everything you need to relax and take care of yourself, with no exertion required.
Not to mention, quick and easy access to your outdoor living spaces. When and where the weather offers welcome respite, you can make full use of your garden.  A welcome breath of fresh air on-demand, which could have you feeling right as rain in no time!
To learn more about the potential uses for a garden room or to discuss any aspects of the installation process in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside today.
The Benefits of a Garden Room When Dealing with Illness

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