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The Art of Ranking Inner Pages and Boosting SEO Efforts

With the recent changes in Google SERPs and the Google updates, mayhem of thin inner pages, eCommerce, and thin affiliate pages getting slammed in rankings, we thought it was important to look at how to create and rank inner pages of websites and blogs properly.
Probably one of the most overlooked and potentially powerful aspects of any website or blog is the inner pages. People often focus on the homepage in getting links and displaying content and navigation that the inner pages become almost an afterthought in the overall site architecture – this is a big mistake!
Inner pages offer the most potential for bringing in tons of Traffic and for dominating the SERPS for various keyword terms that people are searching for. If you are not targeting and optimizing your inner page content correctly, you are really missing out on a plethora of Traffic, which means you are missing out on strong streams of revenue.
While some ignore inner pages, others have tons of them, but they are not properly optimized. So they do not reap the benefits that they potentially can for the webmaster or blogger.
More Inner Pages Ranking in SERPs = More Traffic and,
More Traffic = Bigger Potential for Revenue
Boosting SEO Efforts

How To Get High Rankings for Inner Pages

1. Proper KW research

We know keyword research – UGH – we eat, sleep and breathe it, but again, we will not succeed without it!
Many people create blog posts or static website pages without giving any thought or research into what people are searching for related to their niche.
Search out keyword terms and phrases that people are searching for and
make sure the competition for those is fairly low (this can depend on your site’s overall authority). Do this for each and every page that you post.
Otherwise, you have pages floating out on the Web that nobody will ever find!

2. Super Long Posts and Pages

It is a fact that the search engines, and especially Google, love nauseatingly long posts and written content pages. Remember that the search engines are very content-driven, and pages that are 1000, 2000, 3000+ words long are just so attractive to them.
For many, 300 – 500 words may seem like enough, but we say NO WAY! This is especially true for business sites because, for those to be favorable in Google, you need to add additional value to the user above and beyond just textual content.
For product pages, such as those on e-commerce sites or affiliate sites that use product data feeds, the content of about 600 – 750 words is really helpful, especially since Google is favoring such pages in SERPS.
If you can’t stand writing and don’t want to spin, then outsource your writing. For as little as $5, you can get 500 words of original, well-written content that you own.  

3. Link Building for Inner Pages

Once again, many strive to rank the home page in the SERPs, and so they spend all their time building and attracting links to their home page, but what about the inner pages?
Get links to your inner pages and get plenty of them. Write content people will want to link to, and don’t ignore your most important inner pages.

4.Trusted Domains and High Ranking of Inner Pages

One of the most magical aspects of having a trusted and high-ranking domain in Google is that most inner pages (with the exception of highly competitive keywords) that you launch will almost instantly take the top positions in SERPs. This is basically because Google views your site as an authority. Your link’s base profile is already so strong that all new inner pages will piggyback off that link power.
This blog, for example, has many inner pages sitting on page 1 in Google SERPs, and this is because the base link profile is rather strong. The Google trust rank is high, so we can write a page of content, post it, and most of the time, within a couple of weeks, it goes to Page 1.
Ranking and trusted domain = easier rank of inner pages

5.New and Unranked Sites and Ranking of Inner Pages

When your site is new, and the trust rank isn’t there, more work will be required to get those inner pages to rank. So write some articles, build some links, including some social media links in the proper niche categories and get the word out about your great piece of content to attract good links to get your inner page to rank and bring you traffic and revenue potential.
New and unranked sites = The need for more links to rank inner pages

Final word

Interconnecting and ranking the inner pages of your website goes a long way into boosting your SEO efforts. There is a way to do that, and we have discussed exactly the same in this article. 
However, if you’re from New Zealand and the task of SEO looks daunting to you, you can always leverage expert help. Search for digital marketing agency Auckland. You will find many high-quality agencies willing to do the job for you. 

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