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Techies note down: Return of the Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley- American Television Series

We’re living in the middle of an era of the tech bubble where file sizes, apps, and other types of data are part of the mainstream lexicon. Also, there is a need of the solid solution to save cloud space which has become a top priority as the data being generated is rapidly multiplying every year.

And Richard Hendricks’ Pied Piper is exactly into that. Started as a music search engine, the algorithm that Richard wrote turns out to be much more useful. And this leads to him founding Pied Piper. This is the central theme of ‘Silicon valley’.

Created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, ‘Silicon Valley’ is an American television series. The series premiered on April 6, 2014, on HBO. Critically acclaimed, the series is now renewed for season Three by HBO, which will premiere on April 24, 2016. After attending the premiere of Silicon Valley, Lawyers and venture capitalists were happy to see the power engineers and these people have these days. Followers who’ve started their own company appreciate the series, as Richard and his team go through the legal, technical and financial headaches of the startup life.

Living in the incubator of Erlich Bachman, Richard builds a music search engine that lets people spot copyright infringement from the web. Engineers at Hooli (where Richard works) discover that the app runs a lossless compression algorithm, which can be highly beneficial. At the same time, Peter Gregory, a VC and Director at Reviga also comes to know about high-value applications of this algorithm. Richard gets an offer from both Hooli and Reviga, when the stress of the decision triggers a panic attack and Richard has to see the doctor. However, Reviga offers him to keep the company in return for a two hundred thousand dollars seed check and a small stake in the firm.

Richard finally turns down Hooli’s offer and follows his founder-cult dreams by going with Reviga. He gathers a team with the other members of the incubator including Erlich, a programmer named Dinesh, a database expert Gilfoyle, and Donald, a business development and financial expert.

This starts an endless stream of obstacles for Pied Pieper (this is the name of the company which Richard wants badly and others don’t). And ‘Silicon Valley’ hilariously points out some of the best mentalities, behaviors; and mocks double-speak and inflated sense of importance of the information industry. One of the best examples is how every company competing in the TechCrunch, points out that they are making the world a better place; just to get noticed and to score a little more.

Silicon Valley sketches the absurdity of some characters, which is observed and well-portrayed by creators as they have also been through these phases. With Erlich’s way to do things unpredictably, Richard, wanting to build Pied Pieper by overcoming roadblocks what may come, Gilfoyle and Dinesh, constantly arguing and trying to dominate each other, and Donald, trying the systematic approach every time about how Pied Piper should be run, makes it a funny, amazing show to watch.

The new trailer of Silicon Valley is launched. Season Three will add new characters, new team. In season two; the ‘hierarchy’ of Pied Piper is changed. Even bigger difficulties await team Pied Piper and the team has to be ready.